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Blade in Marvel's Blade

Arkane have revealed that the studio’s next project is Marvel’s Blade. The game was announced via a brief but stylish trailer at The Game Awards which immediately caught the eye of fans. Here’s everything we know about Marvel’s Blade so far, including story details and more.

Arkane Lyon, the devs behind the Dishonored series and Deathloop, are now working on Marvel’s Blade. The studio’s previous projects are known for being immersive action sims that provide a variety of flexible gameplay mechanics and present a richly detailed world.

While their prior titles were original IPs, Arkane have now taken on the task of creating a single-player game based around the iconic vampire hunter.

The announcement attracted plenty of buzz, so here’s everything we know about Marvel’s Blade so far.

Is there Marvel’s Blade release date?

There is currently no release date for Marvel’s Blade. It’s likely that we’ll get our hands on the game in or after 2025 since it is currently in the early stages of development.

This was confirmed by the game’s publisher Bethesda, who stated development on Marvel’s Blade has “just begun.”

Marvel’s Blade expected platforms

At the moment, there is no official information on the release platforms for Marvel’s Blade. However, it’s safe to say that the game will make its way to PC and Xbox Series XIS as Arkane are a first-party Xbox studio.

This also makes a potential PS5 release doubtful, especially since other Marvel games including Spider-Man and Wolverine are exclusive to the Sony platform. Although, there are no confirmed reports of Marvel’s Blade being exclusive to Microsoft platforms.

Marvel’s Blade story details

Marvel’s Blade will put players in the shoes of Eric Brooks, a skilled vampire hunter who is half-human, half-vampire. The iconic character uses a variety of weapons to take down enemies including blades, of course. The game is set in a quarantined area in the heart of Paris during a “supernatural emergency.”

As expected, vampires are wreaking havoc in the night, with Blade being on the hunt. While additional story details are yet to be revealed, the devs have confirmed that the game is a “mature,” third-person game.

Marvel’s Blade trailer

Marvel’s Blade has received just one trailer so far, it was revealed during The Game Awards 2023. Despite being brief, the trailer leaves quite the impression due to its stylistic flavor. It provides a glimpse at Blade’s signature leather attire, a look at his weapons, and even some thumping drill music.

Check it out below:

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