Men of War 2 difficulty settings explained: Modes, how to change, more

Emily Stander
Armored vehicle and soldiers in Men of War 2

Men of War 2 is a challenging game, but it has multiple difficulty settings to play around with so you can customize your experience. Here is everything you need to know about difficulty settings in Men of War 2. 

Men of War 2 is the latest RTS addition to the series, and there’s a ton of single-player content to get through. It can be tough, though, so there are some difficulty settings to make the experience easier (or harder, if that’s your preference). 

So, here are all the difficulty settings in Men of War 2 explained, including all the modes you can change them on and how to do it. 

How to change difficulty settings in Men of War 2

You can change difficulty settings in Men of War 2 when you start a campaign by adjusting the scroll wheel above ‘Play.’ 

Difficulty settings are automatically set to normal, but you will need to change them every time you start a new campaign or battle sequence as there is no option for an overall difficulty setting. 

You also can’t change the difficulty settings once you have entered a battle, so if you’re finding it too easy or too hard, you’ll need to leave the lobby and reset your settings.

Difficulty settings in men of war 2
You can change your difficulty settings every time you start a new mission.

Difficulty settings in Men of War 2 explained

Men of War 2 has five difficulty settings to choose from: 

  • Very Easy: Combat is not stressful, but you still need to plan your attacks to make the most of your units. 
  • Easy: Enemies have had basic training, so make sure you pay attention otherwise you could get caught unawares.
  • Normal: Strategic planning and unit distribution is essential for success. You’re on equal footing with the enemy. 
  • Hard: Play against veteran combat units. 
  • Epic: Described as a ‘meat grinder,’ this is the most difficult the game can get in single-player and is a massive challenge. 

Can you change difficulty settings in all Men of War 2 modes?

You can change difficulty settings in Men of War 2 in all single-player modes when creating a lobby and in PvE Battalions

All single-player modes have difficulty settings available, but you can also change your settings in certain multiplayer modes. 

Depending on the mode you select for your lobby, you’ll have the option to set the difficulty settings for any AI that would be present in the game. Otherwise, you can also select the difficulty you want to play PvE Battalions on.

That’s everything to know about difficulty settings in Men of War 2! For more on games coming out this year, be sure to check our guides down below.

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