Helldivers 2 players share key advice to maximize XP & rewards

Emily Stander
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Helldivers 2 sends players on missions to complete missions to reclaim planets and rescue the galaxy from a slew of different alien threats. For newer players, though, the gameplay can be a little daunting, so fans have shared tips to increase their XP rewards. 

On each mission in Helldivers 2, players are given a main objective to complete before time runs out and the shuttle comes down to extract you. If you complete the mission in time, though, you have some space to explore before you call the shuttle down yourself.

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As a result, there are a few ways you can earn XP and rewards when you go on missions, and some players have advice for newcomers to maximize the rewards you can get. 

In a Reddit post titled “Advice to new players,” Helldivers 2 fans shared their tips and tricks to make sure you can complete your missions and get the best rewards. 

“Please don’t call the shuttle once the main objective is finished, there’s more objectives on the map that equal more XP and medals, samples and SC,” the OP shared. 

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When Helldivers 2 players have the map of the mission in their hands, the main objective isn’t the only thing they need to pay attention to. Essentially, as the OP put it, it’s important not to rush out of the mission area the second you have completed the main objective. 

Another player pointed out that you should at least try to complete the main objective first. “PSA for new players: try to complete main objectives first, so that even if you die completely, you will still have completed your mission,” they explained. 

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So, although it’s best to not leave the map area immediately, you should focus on completing the main mission objectives before you move on to the next one. As another fan said, this is especially important if you are medal farming. 

“If you are farming medals then it’s better to just spam main mission then extract. There might be medals in the random loot, but the time spent to get everything for like maybe 1-4 medals is not worth it,” they commented. 

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“Now, if you want XP, samples and credits then yeah, you’d definitely want to go around clear all the nest/factory and get all the side objectives.”

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