Helldivers 2 player uses “one million IQ” strategy to kill Bile Titans

Joseph Pascoulis
helldivers 2 players shooting alien

Helldivers 2 can get very intense, especially when going up against beefy enemies like the Bile Titan. But, one player discovered a great way to deal with them.

Helldivers 2 features a variety of enemy types. Both factions in the game pose different threats, but the biggest enemy currently in the game is the Terminid Bile Titan, which is a huge alien insect that players need to eliminate in certain Operations.

While having the best weapons and Armor will certainly help, the best way to deal with these huge enemies is by utilizing your Stratagems, as these can do big damage if they’re placed well.

One player, however, has come up with a very interesting way to kill these Bile Titans very quickly. While the method still utilizes a Stratagem, it’s not in the way you may think, as it makes use of the SOS Beacon.

The SOS Beacon is for calling in other online players to help you on your mission. When you throw the Stratagem down, a beacon lands and activates the matchmaking feature. The pod that lands can actually do damage, and so Reddit user ‘Kalypso1995’ made use of that.

The method sees the Helldivers 2 player with a Shield Generator Pack throwing the SOS Beacon directly straight up into the sky, watching it as it falls to make sure it lands on top of the shield. They then run straight under the Bile Titan, drop their Shield Generator Pack, and watch as the SOS Beacon lands and destroys the Titan.

This method requires some coordination, as doing all this while a huge insect-like alien is chasing you isn’t the easiest of tasks. However, if you’re playing solo, this method is certainly worth learning and mastering for taking down these alien beasts.

Players in the comments of the post seem to love it too, as one user said, “1 million IQ play,” while another commented, “This is actually very, very clever!”

This could become a common method for taking out these Bile Titans in Helldivers 2, although it does require the Shield Generator Pack, which is unlocked at Level 20, so you may want to take on higher difficulties to earn more XP and rank up.

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