Gray Zone Warfare controller support explained

Aakrit Sharma
Gray Zone Warfare AR

Gray Zone Warfare has entered Early Access on PC, and here’s everything to know about controller support for the title that lets you have an experience similar to consoles without playing on one.

Gray Zone Warfare Early Access on PC is well underway with thousands of players jumping in to explore Lamang Island. From factions and tasks to weapon customizations and a realistic FPS experience, the game has a lot to offer.

However, with no official confirmation on a console launch, you might want to know if Gray Zone Warfare has controller support and here’s everything that has been revealed so far.

Does Gray Zone Warfare have controller support?

No, you can’t play Gray Zone Warfare with a controller officially at the time of Early Access. Some third-party key-mapping software might allow you to get past the official restrictions, but we don’t recommend using them unless the developers support them, which they haven’t so far.

Gray Zone Warfare is available exclusively on PC and the polishing the full version ahead of launch seems to be MADFINGER Games’ top priority. Once the PC launch rolls out without complications, they might start working on the console version for Xbox and PlayStation too which naturally means controller support will be added.

Is controller support planned for Gray Zone Warfare?

Gray Zone Warfare developers have clarified that controller support will be added only if there’s enough interest for it in the community, via an FAQ post on their website. Improving the PC performance of the game is their primary goal and with a console launch not confirmed yet, controller support is unlikely to be added in the near future.

If not having controller support on Gray Zone Warfare is a deal breaker for you, we recommend submitting a request to the developers via the official website or sending them an e-mail highlighting the matter.

Joining official social media communities for Gray Zone Warfare across Reddit and Discord can also help amplify your voice as there must be many players who want the developers to add controller support.

We’ll keep this space updated with the latest information on Gray Zone Warfare controller support. Until then, check out:

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