Genshin Impact leak claims highly requested artifact loadout is coming soon

Aakash Regmi
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Genshin Impact version 4.4 is speculated to be heavy on new content and character releases, but leaks have now suggested another batch of highly-requested QoL will also be added with the upcoming version. 

Version 4.4 of Genshin Impact is confirmed to feature Xianyun (better known as Cloud Retainer), and leaks have already outlined much of what we can expect in terms of events, banners, expansion, and much more.

Outside of these staples, with which HoYoverse have been consistent with every version, the past few updates have also been heavy on much-needed QoL updates. Plenty of changes were brought to the current artifact system recently, like quick upgrades and auto-lock features.

Now, according to leaks, Genshin Impact will add the artifact feature players were longing for, a new loadout system.

Genshin Impact leak reveals artifact loadout in version 4.4

The leak comes from a reliable leaker, MadCroiX, and was later shared on the Genshin_Impact_Leaks subreddit.

It mentions of all the QoL changes coming in Genshin Impact version 4.4, with artifact loadout obviously being the headline. Per the leaks, the upcoming version will add two new loadout systems: Quick Loadout and Custom Loadout.

Quick Loadout automatically generates an artifact loadout for you based on other recent player usage data. Meanwhile, Custom Loadout will let you select prefixes like main stats and sets. Based on those prefixes, the game will create a loadout for you. Whatever the game throws at you based on your prefix can also be altered later and saved, like switching a particular artifact.

You can select your own pieces, but whether you have to go through the affix loop or can directly create loadout as seen in other games remains to be seen. But that’s not the only QoL arriving with the version, other changes mentioned in the leak include: 

  • A filtering feature for outdoor and indoor furniture in the Serenitea Pot.
  • Borderless display option.
  • Dynamic Character Resolution feature.
  • Quickly start another character trail after you’ve finished the current trail.

We’ll likely get a confirmation for some of these before the Special Program livestream if we go by past trends. For more on Genshin Impact, check out the details on controller support and how to complete Millennial Mountain Quest.

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