Every Disney Dreamlight Valley character: How to unlock them

Andrew Highton
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Disney Dreamlight Valley lets players interact with many of Hollywood’s most iconic animated characters, and to add even more to the fray, we’ll walk you through the process of unlocking them.

Outside of quests and cooking, the heart of Disney Dreamlight Valley resides with its characters – interactable versions of some of Disney’s most incredible heroes and villains.

From Mickey Mouse to Wall-E, there is plenty of star power for you to talk to in the game, but there are also many that need to be unlocked first.

To flesh out your Disney Dreamlight Universe, we’ve put together a useful guide that documents all the characters you can add to your world and detailed instructions on how to unlock them and open up more of the game.

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How to unlock new Disney Dreamlight Valley characters

Disney Dreamlight Valley doesn’t restrict the act of unlocking new faces to just one routine mechanic, they can actually be obtained in different ways.

These are the known ways that you add new Disney faces to your world:

  • Complete story quests.
  • Spend Dreamlight to open up new areas of Dreamlight Valley that contain characters.
  • Use Dream Castle to venture into Realms and finish a character arc.

Of these methods, using Dreamlight is obviously the most resource-heavy road to take, and could require a lot of Dream Shards, so make sure you stock up!

All Disney Dreamlight Valley characters

There are currently quite a few characters already that you can find in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so we’ve listed them all, as well as how to unlock each one.

CharacterFranchiseHow to unlock
AnnaFrozenUnlock the Frozen Realm in Dream Castle and bring her back – will need to increase Friendship first.
ArielThe Little MermaidComplete the Mysterious Shipwreck quest with Goofy to build a raft to take you to Ariel.
Donald DuckMicky Mouse & FriendsUnlock Kristoff and make your way through the Lost In The Dark Grove quest to encounter Donald Duck.
ElsaFrozenUnlock the Frozen Realm in Dream Castle and bring her back.
GoofyMicky Mouse & FriendsYou can find Goofy in a house in the middle of Peaceful Meadow.
KristoffFrozenUnlock the Forest of Valor to gain Kristoff.
MauiMoanaUnlock Moana and head back to the Moana Realm and complete the A Feast Worthy Of A Demigod quest to get Maui to travel with you.
MoanaMoanaUnlock the Moana Realm in Dream Castle and complete its quests until you can bring Moana back.
MerlinThe Sword in the StoneMerlin is the first character you unlock in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Mickey MouseMicky Mouse & FriendsGo inside Mickey’s house in the Plaza and accept and complete the following quests: Mickey’s Memories and Foodception.
Minnie MouseMicky Mouse & FriendsBuild your friendship level with Mickey Mouse up to 8 and obtain the Memory Magnification quest. Complete it and you’ll acquire Minnie Mouse on the way.
Mother GothelTangledUnlock the Glade of Trust area and complete The Curse quest to unlock Mother Gothel.
Prince EricThe Little MermaidAfter Ariel’s home resides on your island, you need to level up your Friendship with her, as well as level up your Friendship with Ursula to 10. The final quest for Ursula will complete the process of finding Prince Eric.
RemyRatatouilleUnlock the Ratatouille Realm and complete the quest there to bring Remy to your world.
ScarMicky Mouse & FriendsUnlock the Sunlit Plateau area and head to the elephant graveyard area. Talk to Scar and complete the Nature and Nurture quest.
Scrooge McDuckMicky Mouse & FriendsSpeak to Scrooge McDuck in the Plaza.
UrsulaThe Little MermaidUnlock Dazzle Beach and complete the With Great Power cave puzzle quest.
Wall-EWall-EUnlock the Wall-E Realm and complete the quest.
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Upcoming Disney Dreamlight Valley characters

Through various forms of Disney Dreamlight Valley media, we’ve been able to ascertain potential future additions. Again, these are not concrete by any means, but it’s highly likely we’ll see these characters inserted into the game at some point.

BeastBeauty and the Beast
BelleBeauty and the Beast
Buzz LightyearToy Story
PumbaaThe Lion King
RalphWreck-It Ralph
SimbaThe Lion King
StitchLilo & Stitch
SullyMonsters Inc.
TimonThe Lion King
Vanellope von SchweetzWreck-It Ralph
WoodyToy Story

You should have no trouble adding any characters to your world that you don’t have already, and we also have additional Disney Dreamlight Valley guides for you:

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