Disney Dreamlight Valley codes for free rewards in July 2023

Andrew Highton
disney dreamlight valley character running

Disney Dreamlight Valley lets players claim some rewards such as furniture and other items using redeemable codes. Here’s a list of all Disney Dreamlight Valley codes working in July 2023 and how you can redeem them easily.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can do a number of things, from befriending characters, completing different quests, cooking, mining, feeding animals, and collecting various items. Thanks to the devs, the game keeps getting new characters, and quests, among other things that keep the players entertained.

Often though, Disney Dreamlight Valley players will run out of resources or not have enough to fulfill certain mission parameters and recipes. Thankfully, players can get a small helping hand through July 2023’s redeemable codes for the game.

disney dreamlight valley character artwork
Players can increase friendship levels with the different characters and complete quests.

All Disney Dreamlight Valley redemption codes in July 2023

Here are the various Disney Dreamlight Valley codes handing out freebies in July 2023:

  • PRIDE20231 – Gleam Tee
  • PRIDE20232 – Illuminate Tee
  • PRIDE20233 – Shine Tee
  • PRIDE20234 – Shimmer Tee
  • PRIDE20235 – Glow Tee
  • PRIDE20236 – Radiate Tee
  • PRIDE20237 – Bright Tee
  • PRIDE20238 – Dazzle Tee
  • PIXL – Air Hockey Table, Game Machine, Coin-op Game
  • FOFGLITTER – 150 Moonstones
  • FOFTROPHY – 150 Moonstones
  • FOFSOUVENIR – Five Gold Ingots, five Iron Ingots, and five Tinkering Parts
  • FOFSUCCESS – eight pumpkins
  • FOFLOGEMS – three Diamonds, three Rubies, and three Sapphires
  • FOFLOSHARD – five Dream Shards and five Night Shards
  • FOFSURPRISEKIT – 15 Snowballs, 15 Hardwood, and 15 Glass
  • FOFCRAFTYKIT – five pieces of Clay, five Fabric, and five Cotton
  • FOFCATCHDAY – five Kingfish, five Fugu, and five Anglerfish

Although players can proceed with the Golden Potato, its usage is still a mystery ever since the item has been in the game. Nonetheless, we will update the page if and when more codes are available in-game.

How to redeem codes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To redeem a Disney Dreamlight Valley code, head to the Help tab codes tab. Here’s how to get there:

  1. Pause the game on whichever platform you’re playing Disney Dreamlight Valley on.
  2. Now, scroll across and click on Settings using the appropriate key binds:
    • PC: Esc
    • Nintendo Switch: +
    • Xbox/PlayStation: Start
  3. Now, click on the Help option that’s on the left-hand side.
  4. Finally, press on Redemption Codes and input the working code here.

That wraps up everything on Disney Dreamlight Valley redemption codes for July 2023, and we have plenty more guides for you to make the most of:

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