How to unlock Nala in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Eyes in the Dark quest guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley Simba Nala artwork

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Pride of the Valley update is here with our beloved Simba and Nala. To unlock Nala, you will need to enter their realm and complete several tasks before you can bring her back to the valley, and here’s how.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the Pride of the Valley update has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. Simba and Nala are officially here but that’s not all. A range of new recipes, crafting items, a Star Path, and the picturesque Lion King-themed realm have been introduced too.

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However, unlocking Nala will not be a simple task. First, you need to unlock the realm, enter it, and find Nala. Once you enter, the Eyes in the Dark quest will begin. Here are the tasks that you need to complete before you can bring Nala back into the Disney Dreamlight Valley, as well as how to complete them.

How to enter the Lion King realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first step toward unlocking Nala in Disney Dreamlight Valley requires you to pay a visit to the Dream Castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley. After this, locate the locked door to the realm. You will find a Lion King symbol on it along with a bunch of Night Thorns growing on it. You will need to remove it by using 10,000 Dreamlight.

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Once you have cleared the thorns, you can enter the Lion King realm. This will automatically start the Eyes in the Dark quest. After you have entered the Lion King realm, you will find Nala. Speak to her and she will talk to you about the hyenas and Simba.

How to find the Thorn Bush seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dried thorn seeds in the oasis.Dig up the dried thorn bushes for thorn seeds.

To complete the second step to unlock Nala in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have to dig out the dried thorn bushes to find the thorn bush seeds. This might be a little tricky. At first, it might be difficult to spot them. They will look dark and pale night thorns and once you dig them, you will get thorn bush seeds. Use your shovel to dig five dried-out thorn bushes.

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Once you have the seeds, plant them in five spots that will appear near the ledge. Simply click on each hole to plant the seeds and use your watering can. You need to water them until they are fully grown.

Nala will return to talk to you and she will ask you to clear the path outside the cave that leads to the jungle. Once again, use your shovel to clear the big stone structures outside the cave. Inside the jungle, you won’t be able to spot Simba immediately, and Nala will ask you to lower the log near the waterfall.

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How to lower the log near the waterfall in Eyes in the Dark quest

Disney Dreamlight Valley's Eyes in the Dark quest logLook beneath the log to lower it.

In the third step toward unlocking Nala in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll have to lower the log that’s near the waterfall. To lower it, use your pickaxe to break the rock foundations underneath the log and it’ll automatically be lowered.

Finally, you will find Simba. You will follow him as he reunites with Nala. After this, Nala will growl in hunger as she’s tired from feeding off the hyenas.

How to collect the colorful bugs, red bugs & slimy bugs

Disney Deamlight Valley different bugs that you need to catchCatch the three different types of bugs.

In the fourth step towards unlocking Nala and bringing her back to Disney Dreamlight Valley, Simba will ask you to collect three kinds of bugs. For the slimy bugs, you simply need to use your fishing rod. The slimy bugs are in the river behind Simba and Nala. Use the fishing rod in the golden-colored spots to pull out the slimy bugs.

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To catch the colorful bugs, you need to go back to the dried-out oasis. That is where you first entered after unlocking the realm door. Go back there and use your shovel to collect the colorful bugs. You need to dig the small glowing pits for the bugs. After collecting the colorful bugs, head back to Simba and Nala in the jungle.

To collect the red bugs, you need to do a lot of running. Equip your shovel once again and head back to the log by the waterfall. Use the log again to enter the interiors of the jungle where you found Simba. Once there, use the shovel to dig the large tree logs. After you dig the right one up, all the red bugs will come out running. You need to chase them for a while and eventually catch them using the interaction button.

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Once you have all the bugs, return to Simba who will tell you to prepare three bug platters for Nala.

Which ingredients are required to make three bug platters

Disney Dreamlight Valley bug platter and NalaGive the bug platters to Nala.

After you have collected the bugs, the fifth step towards unlocking Nala in Disney Dreamlgiht Valley is to prepare dishes. You need to head to the cooking station, and use the following ingredients to prepare three bug platters:

  • Two Colorful Bugs
  • Two Red Bugs
  • One Slimy Bug

Repeat the same process thrice to prepare three bug platters. Head back to Nala who will enjoy the meal. After this, you will hear more hyenas, and Nala will ask for your help to scare them off. To do this, you need to head to Scrooge in the valley.

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How to fix the broken sound system in Eyes in the Dark quest

Disney Dreamlight Valley Simba Nala roars using the sound system.Simba and Nala scare off the hyenas using the sound system.

The sixth step in unlocking Nala and bringing her back to Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will need to speak to Scrooge. He will provide you with a broken sound system that needs repair. To fix it, you will need the following items:

  • Two Iron Ingots: To craft iron ingots, you need iron ore and coal.
  • Ten Softwood: You can find them from the Forest of Valor, Peaceful Meadow, and Glade of Trust.
  • Ten Hardwood: It can be found on the grounds of the Forest of Valor, Sunlit Plateau, and Glade of Trust.

Once you have the hardwood and softwood, take them to the crafting station. Craft your iron ingots first if you do not have them. After this, use all the above-mentioned items to fix the broken sound system.

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Now head back to the Lion King realm, and give the sound system to Simba and Nala. With your help, they will scare off the hyenas using the sound system.

How to build the Pride Rock Home for Nala in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley NalaWelcome Nala to the valley.

This is the final step after which you can welcome Nala back to Disney Dreamlight Valley. Nala will express her wishes to return to the valley. But before she can come, you need to place the Pride Rock Home.

Head back to the valley, and check your inventory. You should be able to see the house in the quest items. Once you have placed it, you will once again need Scrooge’s help for the construction. You need to spend 15,000 Star Coins for this. Finally, Nala will appear in the valley.

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