Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to complete Collect ‘Em All: Attic Mode quest

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buzz lightyear in disney dreamlight valley

Who doesn’t adore Toy Story and especially Buzz Lightyear as he walks around Disney Dreamlight Valley. Players will get to complete plenty of his quests, and one of them is the Collect ‘Em All: Attic Mode so here’s how you can complete it.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players will be able to meet many of their favorite Disney characters, increase their level of friendship, and complete quests for them. Much like that Toy Story fans will want to complete as many quests as possible for their favorite characters such as Woody and Buzz.

One of the quests for Buzz, Collect ‘Em All: Attic Mode will require players to gather 15 Alien toys but there are a few prerequisites before you can begin this quest.

So to complete this quest, you will need to know the locations where the Alien toys can be found. Here’s the walkthrough for the quest that will help you to complete it quickly.

How to complete Collect ‘Em All: Attic Mode in Disney Dreamlight Valley

dream castle in disney dreamlight valley
Head inside the Dream Castle and gather all the Alien toys.

First things first, make sure to complete Collect ‘Em All: Strangers from the Outside! Only after you have completed this quest, Collect ‘Em All: Attic Mode will become available. The next thing is to talk to Buzz who will tell you about the Alien toys and how they have gone into Attic Mode. These toys are tucked away in the common areas and the secret spots in the valley so you will need to help him to find all the 15 toys.

All Alien toy locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

All 15 Alien Toys can be found inside the Dream Castle and at Chez Remy’s but there’s a catch. You cannot collect all 15 toys at the same time in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The first eight Alien toys will become available to you as you begin the quest and the next seven will appear 36 hours later in-game.

To collect the first eight Alien toys, this is what you need to do:

  • Head to the Dream Castle, and you will find the first four scattered inside it.
  • The next four are much easier to spot and can be found at Remy’s restaurant.

Now after 36 hours, go back to the Dream Castle and Remy’s restaurant to find the remaining seven Alien toys.

  • Similar to the first set of Alien toys, you will need to once again go inside the Dream Castle to find the first three Alien Toys out of seven.
  • The next four Alien toys can be found inside Remy’s restaurant.

After you have gathered all the 15 Alien toys, bring them to Buzz which will conclude the quest. In the end, you will be rewarded with the Space Ranger Supply Kit for completing this quest.

Well, that’s all you need to know to complete the Collect ‘Em All: Attic Mode in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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