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How to feed animals & their favorite foods in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Animals play a big part in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so we’ll run you through the game’s animals, their favorite food, and how to feed them.



rabbit with carrot in disney dreamlight valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley has a ton of cute critters and majestic animals and our guide will show you how to feed them and what their favorite food actually is.

During your adventure in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll come across a wide range of different animals roaming around the land. Not only that, but you can interact with them and feed them, but you need to make sure it’s the right stuff.

Between now and the game’s full release it’s likely that more animals will be added as time goes on, meaning you’ll have to broaden your animal food knowledge.

Each animal is engineered to prefer a particular type of food, and it’s your job to get a hold of it. If you’re struggling, then we can help you locate the food as well as inform you what each one prefers.

smiling fox with food in disney dreamlight valley

All animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Favorite food

So far, you can expect to find eight different varieties of animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley and you’ll most probably recognize all of them.

Here is the list of Disney Dreamlight Valley animals in full:

  • Crocodiles
  • Foxes
  • Rabbits
  • Raccoons
  • Ravens
  • Sea Turtles
  • Squirrels
  • Sunbirds

With this knowledge in mind, we can now break down each animal individually and let you know its favorite food, as well as where to go to find it.

AnimalFavorite FoodWhere to find it
CrocodilesLobsterGlade of Trust
FoxesWhite SturgeonFrosted Heights
RabbitsCarrotsPeaceful Meadow
RaccoonsBlueberriesForest of Valor
RavensLarge Seafood PlatterForgotten Lands
Sea TurtlesSeaweedDazzle Beach
SquirrelsPeanuts / ApplesPlaza
SunbirdsOrange SunleekSunlit Plateau

How to feed animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now that we know what every creature likes to eat, it’s on to the actual feeding part itself, and some animals won’t make this easy for you in the game.

How to feed Crocodiles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

One of the harder creatures to feed, Crocodiles require you to take your time as you can only move towards them when their head is down. If it is up, you’ll startle it, so only proceed when the Croc’s head is down.

Rinse and repeat with patience and you’ll be able to get close enough to feed it.

How to feed Foxes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It’s time to frolic with some fun Foxes as they are far more receptive to food, they just want you to chase them around for a bit first.

Approach one, initiate the chase, and it will eventually come to a halt and enjoy feeding time.

How to feed Rabbits in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Similar to Foxes, Rabbits also enjoy some exercise, so get close to the Rabbit to trigger the chase, and run around after it a few times until it decides it’s had enough and wants to chow down on some Carrots.

raccoon happy with food in disney dreamlight valley

How to feed Raccoons in Disney Dreamlight Valley

More stealth is required to feed a Raccoon with the furry creatures liable to run away if you make too much noise.

Approach it with care, like you would a Crocodile, and you should be able to feed one in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to feed Ravens in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Raven behaves slightly differently from all the other animals as it doesn’t have one nailed-on food it loves. Instead, it prefers the taste of five-star meals, no matter what it is.

So we’d recommend you cook up a Large Seafood Platter as it’s easy to make and requires fewer ingredients. Now, find a Raven in the Forgotten Lands, stand underneath it, and don’t move. It should eventually land and permit you to feed it some luxurious cuisine.

How to feed Sea Turtles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can’t miss a Sea Turtle in the game, so simply find one, wait for it to literally come out of its shell, and you can feed it.

How to feed Squirrels in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Another easy animal to feed are Squirrels as they are quite likely to want food and will allow you to come up to them with a portion of Peanuts or Apples to feast on.

How to feed Sunbirds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It’s time for another chase as Sunbirds are another animal that wants you to work hard to feed them, and you’ll have to follow them around until they decide they’ve had enough.

Once they have, walk up to them and feed them their favorite food.

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