How to unlock Simba in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Stars to Guide Us quest guide

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Simba in Disney dreamlight valley

The Lion King has arrived in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. Before you can unlock him, there are a few things that need to be done so we’re breaking down everything you need to do to bring back Simba for good in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Pride of the Valley update is what we all have been waiting for. Fans have been eager to unlock both Simba and Nala back to the valley. Although, it’s not an easy task. Before you unlock Simba, you need to unlock the Lion King realm and Nala.

After completing an extensive quest, Eyes in the Dark, to bring Nala back to the valley, Simba’s unlocking quest, Stars to Guide Us, will begin automatically. Once the quest begins, you will need to complete the following tasks to officially welcome back Simba to the Valley.

How to craft Rafiki’s Walking Stick in Stars to Guide Us quest

Disney dreamlight valley crafting rafiki's walking stickUse a crafting station to craft the walking stick.

The first task in bringing Simba to the Disney Dreamlight Valley requires you to craft a Rafiki’s Walking Stick. To make this, you will need to speak to Merlin. He will tell you to craft this item using the following materials:

  • 5 Fiber: To craft fiber, you need seaweed. You can get seaweed by fishing in any of the waterbodies of the biome.
  • 5 Softwood: You can find them from the Forest of Valor, Peaceful Meadow, and Glade of Trust.
  • 2 Purified Night Shards: To craft purified night shards, you need five night shards and one dream shard.

Once you have all the items, head to a crafting station to make the Rafiki’s Walking Stick. Take the stick to Simba. Take the log bridge near the waterfall that you lowered down during the Eyes in the Dark quest for Nala. You will be able to spot Simba in the interiors of the jungle.

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You will be able to interact with the mound of stone that is placed in front of him. This is where you need to place Rafiki’s Walking Stick. After this, talk to Simba, and he will ask for your help to preserve the dried-up oasis.

How to gather the Jungle Fern Seeds, Waterfall Plant Seeds & Clearing Tree Seeds

Disney dreamlight valley seeds in oasis.Collecting the seeds around the oasis to plant them.

In the next step towards bringing Simba back to the Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will need to gather the following items to restore the dried oasis:

  • Three Jungle Fern Seeds
  • Three Waterfall Plant Seeds
  • Three Clearing Tree Seeds

All you need to do is dig them up using your shovel and gather the seeds. They will have a glowing sparkle around them which will be visible once you are closer. Now, get back to SImba with all seeds. You will need to dig nine holes anywhere around the oasis to plant the seeds.

How to clear the water source in Stars to Guide Us

There is one final step before you can bring Simba back to Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here, you need to help Simba to clear the water source. There is a big rock that is blocking the water source. To clear it, use your pickaxe, and break the rock that’s blocking the water source.

Once the rock is broken, the water will revive the dried-up oasis.

Welcome Simba back to Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney dreamlight valley, water source cleared in the oasis.Revive the oasis by clearing the water blockage.

Now it’s time to speak to Simba again, he will happily agree to go to the Valley and join Nala. All you need to do is return to the valley where Simba will automatically appear. You will need to speak to him one final time after he appears in the valley. Now that he is unlocked, you can begin his line of quests.

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