Who is Camellya in Wuthering Waves? Leaked abilities, attribute, more

Aakash Regmi
Wuthering Waves key art

Camellya is one of the leaked Resonators in Wuthering Waves. Here is everything that has been alleged about her, from her weapon to her abilities. 

Not much is known officially about Camellya in Wuthering Waves, as she is neither confirmed to be part of the launch roster nor has been drip-marketed for a later release. But we already have multiple leaks detailing her kit. 

So, here is everything leaked about Camellya in Wuthering Waves. 

Camellya backstory in Wuthering Waves

Camellya in Wuthering Waves is a member of Black Shores, a research organization where Aalto and Encore work as consultants. She was earlier leaked as Chun before her name was changed to Camellya.

When will Camellya arrive in Wuthering Waves?

We do not know when Camellya will be playable in Wuthering Waves, as Kuro Games have not hinted at any potential release date. 

Given the current schedule, we expect her to arrive anytime after version 1.2. The first-ever 1.0 update is confirmed to be Jiyan and Yinlin, with Jinhsi and Changli being potential 1.1 arrivals. 

Camellya weapon and attribute

According to leaks, Camellya in Wuthering Waves is a 5-star Havoc Resonator, and she’ll be wielding Sword in combat.  

Wuthering Waves Camellya leaked kit

Here is a brief rundown of Camellya’s abilities in Wuthering Waves, as per leaks:

  • Basic Attack – Performs up to 5 attacks, causing Havoc DMG. When the 5th attack hits an enemy, you’ll gain a mark, Flower Petal.
    • Heavy Attack: Consumes stamina, Camellya will pull enemies towards her causing 2 instances of Havoc DMG, and then she will use her Sword to inflict 4 instances of Havoc DMG.
      • If targets cannot be pulled, Camellya will be pulled to enemies instead and will deal 3 instances of Havoc DMG.
      • In case the target is within 5 meters of range, the skill becomes Heavy Attack: Flower Blade, causing 2 Havoc damage.
      • Whenever a heavy attack hits an enemy, Camellya will gain another mark, Flower: Bud.
    • Mid-air attack: Deals continuous spinning attacks, then slams enemies to the ground, causing Havoc DMG. Hitting a mid-air attack will also net her another mark, Flower: Pistil.
  • Resonance Skill  –
    • If you cast her skill while on the ground, Camellya will grab enemies with her witch-ized arms and slam them dealing Havoc DMG.
    • If you perform them on air, she’ll kick enemies and juggle them around dealing Havoc DMG.
  • Resonance Liberation – Causes Camellya’s flower to fully open in front of her and will deal Havoc damage and juggle enemies.
  • Forte Circuit (Starflower Blooms) –
    • For each type of mark, Camellya will gain a 5% bonus to attack power for the duration of its existence, and the use of Resonance Skill and Resonance Liberation consumes all marks she currently possesses.
    • When all marks are consumed by using Skill or Liberation, Camellya boosts the damage of all attacks that deal Havoc damage by 20% and boosts the Crit Rate of such attacks by 20%.
  • Intro Skill (Spread) – Attack the target, dealing Havoc damage, and apply Bud, Petal, and Pestle marks.

That’s everything about Camellya in Wuthering Waves. We’ll update you whenever we learn more about the game. Until then, for more on Wuthering Waves and other similar gacha titles, check out: 

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