Best Elden Ring Sorceries & how to get them

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There is more than one way to play Elden Ring, and if you don’t want to be a combat brute and cast some elegant magic, here are some of the best Sorceries to check out, as well as where to find them.

Elden Ring has a pretty extensive catalog of weapons for both offense and defense playstyles that you can use, and none are less viable than others. But Sorceries do provide some sort of comfort playstyle, as bosses look a tiny bit less intimidating when they’re in distance.  

So, we’ve curated five of the best Sorceries in Elden Ring, from the huge pile of dozens or so. Here are all that made the cut. 

Elden Ring: 5 Best Sorceries & how to get them

Terra Magica 

Terra Magica in Elden Ring
Terra Magica is part of almost every one-shot build.

The Terra Magica is one of the best Sorceries in Elden Ring, as it provides a ridiculous 35% buff to magic damage. But there is a small catch, it’ll only buff if you’re inside the circular field it creates, so you’re restricted in terms of movement. 

It is more or less used in builds where you can front-load all your damage, and it might be a struggle against enemies who flit a lot. Terra Magicat combined with Azur Comet can be filthy, as the pair together can delete half of Limgrave. 

Where to find Terra Magica? 

To acquire the Terra Magica, you’ll have to first complete the Academy Crystal Cave dungeon. After you defeat the boss there, you’ll see an elevator behind the boss. Use it, and it’ll take you inside the academy. You’ll find a chest at the top, and the sorcery is in it. 

Ranni’s Dark Moon 

Ranni's Dark Moon in Elden Ring
There is also Rennala’s Full Moon but it is a little less powerful than Ranni’s Dark Moon.

The Ranni’s Dark Moon is another one of the better sorceries in the game, although acquiring it can be quite a task. It applies a magic debuff to enemies and is almost universal in all the related builds. 

You’ll hurl forward a giant ball that’ll hit the target and build Frostbite. Normally, because of its long casting animation, you can perform it just as you enter the boss room, as most of them will either stand still or approach you, meaning you have a high chance of not missing or getting hit. 

Where to find Ranni’s Dark Moon? 

On the southwest tip of Liurnia, there’ll be a mountain top, and on there is Chelona’s Rise. There will be a tower, locked with a seal. To break open the seal, you’ll have to solve a puzzle that requires you to kill three turtles. Once done, there will be a chest inside that’ll reward you with Ranni’s Dark Moon. 

You’ll have to progress through Ranni’s questline in order to get there and unlock the areas. 

Adula’s Moonblade 

Adula's Moonblade in Elden Ring

The Adula’s Moonblade is a damage-heavy sorcery in Elden Ring. Casting it will have you fire blade-like projectiles that not only deal heavy damage but also apply Frostbite status to enemies. 

It has a high AoE and a decent range, and it is pretty solid against a group of enemies. Adula’s Moonblade was ridiculously powerful during launch, but it was later hit with nerfs. That didn’t slide it below other sorcery, however, as it is still one of the good ones to use. 

Where to find Adula’s Moonblade?

To get the Adula’s Moonblade you’ll have to defeat Glintstone Dragon Adula near the Cathedral of Manus Celes. You’ll meet the dragon before, but in your first face-off, he’ll run and then can be later found on the Moonlight Altar. 

To get to this area, you’ll have to progress through Ranni’s quest line. 

Night Comet 

Night Comet in Elden Ring

The Night Comet is our other pick for one of the best Sorceries in Elden Ring because it fires a “semi-invisible” comet, so almost no foe in the Lands Between can avoid it. Just maintain a safe distance and relentlessly fire. You’ll still need to be careful. 

Where to find Night Comet?

The Night Comet can be found in Sellia, Town of Sorcery in Caelid. It is locked behind a barrier and to unlock it, you’ll have to lit multiple braziers. You’ll have to do a decent bit of parkouring to light them as they are at the tops of multiple towers, which is fairly simple, but there are Marionette Soldiers and other enemies that’ll try to snipe you down. 

Carian Slicer

Carian Slicer in Elden Ring

The Carian Slicer is basically a melee-type Sorcery. It has one of the highest damage potentials but comes at the cost of the usual comfort of distance that you get with other Sorceries like the Night Comet.

So if you’re running a pure Socercy playthrough or magic build, but some enemies move too much to cast spells on them, the Carian Slicer is more than a good choice.

Where to find Carian Slicer?

To obtain this you’ll have to give the Royal House Scroll to either Miriel Pastor of Vows, Sorceress Sellen, or Preceptor Seluvis. Once gifted, the Socercy can be acquired for a measly 1,500 Runes.

That’s all our picks for the top Sorceries in Elden Ring. Of course, of course, there are plenty of other equally good Sorceries in the game, but these are a bunch you should gloss over. 

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