Elden Ring Remembrance explained: All boss weapons, how to use, duplication, more

Aakash Regmi
Elden Ring Malenia

Left wondering what to do with Remembrance in Elden Ring? Here’s all the available Remembrance in the game and what you can do with them. 

Defeating some of the major bosses in Elden Ring will net you a key item called Remembrance. By the end of the game, if you didn’t pop them for some measly Runes, you’ll have 15 of them. 

Remembrance in Elden Ring can be traded anytime for some powerful gear and since there are multiple possible items that you can trade them for, you can also duplicate them. 

But, where do you trade them? Here is a brief guide that includes a list of available Remembrance and what you can buy with them, as well as how to duplicate them. 

What to do with Remembrance in Elden Ring? 

Remembrance in Elden Ring can either be consumed for different amounts of Runes or traded with Enia at the Roundtable Hold

Enia in Elden Ring
Eina can be found inside the southern room of the Roundtable Hold, beside the Two Fingers.

Enia will be available for trade once you’ve defeated your first Demigod (or Shardbearer) in Elden Ring. You can buy gear items, like Ash of War, Weapons, and Armor from her, which can be exclusively brought with Remembrance. 

Remembrance are also boss-specific. For example, Starscourge Radahn drops his own Remembrance that can be exchanged for his specific gear, not the others. Likewise, you can only duplicate a specific Remembrance once in a playthrough. 

You’ll need to play multiple New Game Plus runs if you want to collect all of the gear Enia sells. 

All Remembrance in Elden Ring: Bosses & items to buy

Here are all the Remembrance in Elden Ring and what you can get by trading them with Enia:

Godrick the GraftedRemembrance of the GraftedAxe of Godrick, Grafted Dragon (Fist), and 20,000 Runes.
Rennala, Queen of the Full moonRemembrance of the Full Moon QueenRennala’s Full Moon (Spell), Carian Regal Scepter, and 20,000 Runes.
Starscourge RadahnRemembrance of the StarscourgeStarscourge Greatsword, Lion Greatbow, and and 40,000 Runes.
Rykard, Lord of BlasphemyRemembrance of the BlasphemousRykard’s Rancor, Blasphemous Blade, and 30,000 Runes.
Morgott, The Omen KingRemembrance of the Omen KingMorgott’s Cursed Sword, Blasphemous Blade, (Greatsword), and 30,000 Runes.
Hoarah Loux, WarriorRemembrance of Hoarah LouxAxe of Godfrey, Hoarah Loux’s Earthshaker (Ash of War), and 30,000 Runes.
Maliketh, The Black BladeRemembrance of the Black BladeMaliketh’s Black Blade, Black Blade, and 30,000 Runes.
Fire GiantRemembrance of the Fire GiantGiant’s Red Braid (Whip), Burn, O Flame! (Incantation), and 30,000 Runes.
Dragonlord PlacidusaxRemembrance of the DragonlordDragon King’s Cragblade (Sword), Placidusax’s Ruin (Incantation), and 30,000 Runes.
Lichdragon FortissaxRemembrance of the LichdragonFortissax’s Lightning Spear (Incantation), Death Lightning (Incantation), and 30,000 Runes.
Malenia, Blade of MiquellaRemembrance of the Rot GoddessHand of Malenia (Katana), Scarlet Aeonia (Incantation), and 50,000 Runes.
Mohg, Lord of BloodRemembrance of the Blood LordMohgwyn’s Sacred Spear, Bloodboon (Incantation), and 30,000 Runes.
Regal Ancestor SpiritRemembrance of the Regal AncestorWinged Greathorn (Greataxe), Ancestral Spirit’s Horn (Talisman), and 30,000 Runes.
Astel, Naturalborn of the VoidRemembrance of the Natural BornWaves of Darkness (Flail), Bastard’s Star (Ash of War), and 30,000 Runes.
Elden BeastElden RemembranceMarika’s Hammer, Sacred Relic Sword, and 50,000 Runes.

How to duplicate Remembrance in Elden Ring 

Remembrance in Elden Ring can be duplicated at a Walking Mausoleum. Follow these steps to duplicate a Remembrance in Elden Ring:

  1. Locate a Walking Mausoleum in Elden Ring, you’ll find one at the earliest on Weeping Peninsula, south of Limgrave.
  2. Hit the white skulls in their legs, and the Mausoleum will start to sit after enough of them are cleared. Run away to make sure you’re not crushed beneath the Mausoleum.
  3. Then just head through the doors.
  4. Interact with the tomb effigy in the middle.
  5. Finally, select the Remembrance you want to duplicate.

Throughout the open world, you’ll see several Walking Mausoleums, seven to be precise, they’re basically giant turtle-looking mausoleums with four legs and some of them have a bell hanging below. You can hear the bell from far away.

Remember, you can only duplicate once, so choose wisely!

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