How to get Rock Sling in Elden Ring: Location & how to use

Aryan Singh
Rock Sling Sorcery in Elden Ring

Rock Sling is a powerful Sorcery you can get early on in Elden Ring. So, here’s where to find it, including the best Staff and Talismans to pair it with.

Rock Sling is an effective Gravity Sorcery that should be part of every Mage’s arsenal in Elden Ring. As advertised, it lets the wielder unleash projectile rocks in the direction of enemies, making it great for clearing out mobs and inflicting big damage.

With a build that prioritizes Intelligence, Rock Sling remains solid even in late-game sections. So if you want to add it to your collection, here’s how to get Rock Sling in Elden Ring, including the best equipment to use alongside it.

How to get Rock Sling in Elden Ring

To get Rock Sling in Elden Ring, you’ll need to open a chest in an underground cellar below the Street of Sages Ruins in Caelid. You can find the location by heading northeast from the Sellia Crystal Tunnel grace site, and towards central Caelid.

Rock Sling location Elden Ring
The ruins are right in the heart of Caelid.

The location falls within the Swamp of Aoenia, so it’s best to carry items that provide resistance to rot such as Preserving Boluses. If you’re quick enough, you can avoid all the enemies that spawn in the ruins, grab the Sorcery, and ride away on Torrent.

How to use Rock Sling in Elden Ring

To use Rock Sling in Elden Ring, you’ll need at least 18 Intelligence. It also requires a Glinstone Staff to be wielded. The attack itself sees the Tarnished summon three boulders from the surface and hurl them in a specific direction. While it does take a little while to charge up, the Sorcery’s range and Physical damage make up for it, and you can even use it while on horseback.

Rock Sling is best paired with the Meteorite Staff, one of the best staves in the game, which boosts its power by 30%. Its range can also be increased by equipping the Arrow’s Reach Talisman.

Why can’t I use Rock Sling in Elden Ring?

The most likely reason why you’re not able to use Rock Sling in Elden Ring is because your INT stat is too low. You’ll need to invest some Runes to increase it. Also, make sure that you have a Glintstone Staff equipped before trying to use it.

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