Elden Ring player stumbles on “most hidden” weapon in Shadow of the Erdtree

Souhardya Choudhury
Needle Knight Leda in Elden Ring DLC

Exploration has always been a vital aspect of Elden Ring, as you can get the best weapons and armor in the game just by checking every nook and cranny. The same goes for Shadow of the Erdtree, as one player managed to find an extremely well-hidden item thanks to help from the community.

Reddit user ‘Uncle-Petey87’ found the game’s “most hidden” weapon by “following messages,” but they were “completely unsure” about it at first since messages can often be misleading.

The weapon in question is Euporia, claimed to be the secret treasure of Belurat, Tower Settlement, and is a Legendary item in the game. Finding this requires some of the hardest platforming in the DLC, and it gets quite confusing if you aren’t following a guide.

“I took 2 elevators out of the actual zone I was even in. I had to fight a giant scorpion. and then at the end was a big metal door that looked like it led to a boss and inside was this weapon,” added the OP, as they claimed that the feeling of discovering this weapon was “unmatched.”

Getting this Twin Blade is not only confusing but also difficult as you first need to progress far enough in Shadow of the Erdtree to reach Enir Ilim, which is the final area in the DLC. You then need to platform your way down to a secret room in Belurat to get the Euporia.

Another reason players are interested in getting this weapon is that there’s a Scadutree Fragment located close by as well, so you can hit two birds with a stone and pick up both these items.

The Euporia is one of the best Faith weapons in the game, and if you are struggling against the bosses, make sure to unlock all the areas in the massive realm and pick this up for an overpowered Faith build.