10 Elden Ring items to make Shadow of the Erdtree easier

Souhardya Choudhury
Messmer in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree has a bunch of items that you can use to make things easier while exploring the unforgiving Realm of Shadow, and not many players are taking full advantage of them.

With so many players struggling against the enhanced difficulty of the DLC, Reddit user ‘Lansseaxx’ posted about all the items that can make your journey easier. If you’re struggling to beat bosses, here are 10 items you need to be using.

Boiled Crab

Boiled Crabs are available from the beginning parts of the base game itself, so almost every player should have access to this consumable. However, very few of them use these useful items, even though they boost Physical Damage Negation by a hefty 20%.

With DLC enemies rinsing through your HP in one hit, focusing on every possible defensive boost is be the key to success.

Boiled Crab Elden Ring
Boiled Crab is one of the best consumables to increase defense.

Dragon Communion Flesh

One of the best new consumables in Shadow of the Erdtree, the Dragon Communion Flesh is a must-use before any difficult boss fight, especially for Strength users. They boost your Vigor, Stamina, and Strength, and you can craft them quite easily as well, so don’t be afraid to pop them.

Fingerprint Nostrum

If you use Sorceries or Incantations regularly, the Fingerprint Nostrum is a must-have. This item boosts Mind, Intelligence, Faith, and Arcane, and can prove to be quite beneficial for difficult boss fights as well.

However, keep in mind that using this will cause gradual HP loss. Even though it’s quite minimal and is manageable with regular heals, just keep an eye out for that.

Fireproof Pickled Liver

A massive chunk of enemies you will face in the DLC have fire damage, including bosses, so the Fireproof Pickled Liver is a must for any build. However, if you face enemies with other elements, feel free to pop other elemental Pickled Livers to suit the fight.

Hefty Fire/Furnace Pots

These pots are a bigger version of the Fire Pots from the base game and, as you would have guessed by their size, they really pack a punch. In the DLC, many bosses and enemies are weak to fire and are prone to stagger damage, so using these pots will do the trick.

Hefty Fire Pot Elden Ring
The Hefty Fire Pot can inflict heavy damage on impact.

Surprisingly, even the massive Furnace Golems are extremely vulnerable to these pots, so make use of them!

Messmerfire Grease

In the DLC, you will find better versions of the weapon Greases available in the base game. For example, Messmerfire Grease is the improved version of Fire Grease, and does way more damage, especially to enemies that are weak to fire.

You can get these simply by exploration or can even craft them, so don’t worry about saving them and make use of them whenever you need to.

Messmerfire Grease Elden Ring
Messmerfire Grease is extremely powerful.

Rune Arcs

Rune Arcs in the endgame might not provide as massive a boost as they used to, but they still come in handy, even in the DLC. Using the correct Rune Arc surrounding your build can not only increase your damage but also boost your defense.

Most people are still using Godrick’s Great Rune to this day as it boosts their HP, FP, and Stamina, even though he was the second main boss in the base game.

Scorpion Stew

Scorpion Stew is one of the best consumables to use in the DLC, as it boosts Physical Damage Negation while gradually reducing your HP at the same time. However, missing this is quite easy as it is only given by Hornset Grandam, located in a locked room in Belurat, Tower Settlement.

Spirit summons

Although it’s common for players to unknowingly neglect Spirit summons in the game, many others in the community consider them to be “unfair” and not an ethical way to play. However, these are in-game items that were implemented for a reason, and the devs know how to balance them to not break the difficulty.

Using summons will not hamper your gameplay experience at all, and will instead make the unbeatable fights somewhat more manageable in the DLC.

Well-Pickled Turtle Neck

Well-Pickled Turtle Neck will grant you a temporary large boost to your Stamina regeneration speed. This is the perfect consumable for Strength users, as their weapons take up a fair chunk of Stamina with each swing.

As you explore the massive world of Shadow of the Erdtree, you will come across all of these items and can use them to your advantage to take on all the difficult DLC bosses.

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