Armored Core 6 all status effects explained: ACS Anomaly, electric discharge, more

Rajarshi Acharya
melee combat armored core 6

Armored Core 6 doesn’t hold your hand when it comes to explaining how certain mechanics work. As such, you have to figure out several aspects of the game by yourself. One such mechanic in Armored Core 6 is the different status effects, so here’s a thorough explanation of them all.

Armored Core 6 can be a tough game, especially when it comes to the bosses, so you need to adapt and play smart. FromSoft have done a good job of explaining the combat mechanics, and you also get training sessions to help you understand them.

However, it does not explicitly tell you what to do or how to win combat encounters. As such, you must plan ahead and become familiar with all the factors that influence combat. One way of doing this is to learn about the different status effects that can affect your mech, and how to inflict them on enemies.

So here’s everything you should know about the three different status effects in Armored Core 6 — Stagger, ACS Anomaly, and Electric Discharge.

All status effects in Armored Core 6

Stagger status effect in Armored Core 6

Stagger in AC6 is a status effect that basically stuns your opponent, rendering them vulnerable for a short period. To inflict Stagger on an enemy, you need to drain out their Impact meter. It’s just like the HP meter, so you can take it down by repeatedly attacking them.

armored core 6 mechs
You need to get closer to your enemies if you want to make use of the Stagger effect.

Once it goes down to red, the enemy enters a Staggered state, during which they remain stunned. The duration of the effect, however, depends on how far they are from your mech. For the best results, you’ll want to go in close to an enemy before depleting their Impact meter.

ACS Anomaly status effect in Armored Core 6

The ACS Anomaly status effect in Armored Core 6 is caused by heat-based weapons. It’s a meter that fills up just like Impact and Stagger. ACS Anomaly reduces the defenses of an enemy mech, weakening them over time.

You can use a Flamethrower or a Napalm Launcher to cause an ACS Anomaly status effect. Use these in conjunction with weapons that deal massive damage quickly to take advantage of the weakened state inflicted by the status effect. This way, you can stack up ridiculously high levels of damage.

armored core 6 mech combat
Fire-based weapons deal the ACS Anomaly status effect.

Electric Discharge status effect in Armored Core 6

Electric Discharge is a status effect in AC6 that also builds up over time. When it gets filled up, it culminates in a burst of damage to enemy mechs. As the name implies, you can inflict Electric Discharge only with electricity-based weapons like a Stun Baton. This status effect can be quite useful if you’re going for a melee-based mech build.

So that was all the information you need about the different status effects in AC6. Here’s some more content on the game if you wish to learn more Armored Core 6:

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