How to beat AH12 AC Helicopter in Armored Core 6: First boss guide

Aakash Regmi
AH12 AC Helicopter in Armored Core 6

The AH12 AC Helicopter is the first challenging boss fight in Armored Core 6, in an otherwise comfortable first few hours. If you’re finding it hard, here’s how to beat AH12 AC Helicopter in Armored Core 6.

Since the AH12 AC Helicopter is the first boss in Armored Core 6, you’ll be a little thin on resources and weapons. But being the first boss, in a typical FromSoftware style, it is a tutorial boss meant to teach you the nuts and bolts of Armored Core 6.

Like any other FromSoftware game, including Elden Ring, if you find it hard to get past any boss, it probably means your strategy is misplaced. For the AH12 AC Helicopter, once you approach the boss with the right method, you can comfortably crash it down in a few attempts.

So, here’s how to beat the AH12 AC Helicopter in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon.

AC staring menacingly at the upcoming boss in Armored Core 6
ACH12 AC Helicopter will rain bullets and missiles, for some you’ve to dodge plus jump.

Armored Core 6 boss guide for the ACH12 AC Helicopter

The easiest way to beat the AH12 AC Helicopter in Armored Core 6 is by being aggressive and using your melee weapon

You’ll likely only have a missile launcher, a melee weapon on the left hand, and an AR on the right. Both the AR and launcher don’t do that much damage, and the longer the fight drags on, the less chance you have to win in Armored Core 6.

Bring yourself closer to the boss using Assault Boost and, when in CQC, slap the Heli with your blades. Not only does it do some good damage, but it also dramatically builds up the stagger meter, giving you a brief window where the boss takes some hefty damage and can’t attack.

The stagger meter of the boss will recover if you slow down and don’t deal any damage, so use your AR to maintain it wherever you’re not too close to the boss. So, to conclude, here’s the strategy:

  1. Get closer, you can use Assault Boost to get closer.
  2. When in close range, hit it with your melee weapon.
  3. Continue to stay close and maintain the stagger meter with AR.
  4. Once staggered, go all out.

The boss can get a little annoying, especially when it goes out of bounds and you can’t melee it. But you just have to rinse and repeat the above strategy, and you should defeat the ACH12 AC Helicopter in no time.

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