Is Armored Core 6 on Xbox Game Pass?

mech filing to a facility in Armored Core 6FromSoftware

Armored Core 6 marks the long-awaited return of FromSoftware’s action-packed series, and Xbox users are wondering if the game is available on Microsoft’s subscription service. Here is everything we know about Armored Core 6 on Xbox Game Pass. 

Before FromSoftware consistently delivered hits in the Soulsborne genre, Armored Core was their main draw. Now, these developers have returned to their roots with the release of the long-awaited Armored Core 6.

The newest entry in this classic franchise brings a ton of new content for fans to check out, including extremely detailed mech customization and exciting combat. If you’re an Xbox user, you may be wondering about the game’s release status on Game Pass.

So, here is all we know about Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon on Xbox Game Pass. 

Is Armored Core 6 coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Two machines exchanging rockets in Armored Core 6FromSoftware
Armored Core 6 features a mission-based structure.

No, Armored Core 6 is not available on Xbox Game Pass at launch. In fact, the possibility of it coming down the road a few years later is still slim. Even though Xbox Game Pass has a huge library, no FromSoftware games have been made available as of yet.

To add to that, FromSoftware has historically had an extremely close and good relationship with their fellow Japanese publisher and console manufacturer, Sony. The first-ever Armored Core game was exclusive to PlayStation, as were many of FromSoftware’s earliest games. 

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Not to forget, FromSoftware’s universally acclaimed game, Bloodborne, is still exclusive to PlayStation. With this in mind, although the chances are still slim, Armored Core 6 has more chance of being put on PlayStation Plus than Xbox Game Pass. 

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