Armored Core 6 defeats Dark Souls as FromSoft enjoy impressive launch player count

armored core 6 mech facing up to a bossFromSoftware

Armored Core 6 has thoroughly impressed since being released, and now it has surpassed Dark Souls as its player count peaked, becoming one of FromSoftware’s most popular titles ever.

Since its release on August 25, 2023, Armored Core 6 has been a hit, with many enjoying the lengthy story mode and multiple endings.

Some may even prefer the game’s multiplayer mode, which offers a more competitive experience compared to the campaign. Regardless, players have been sinking their teeth into the game, and more new players than ever have been indulging themselves in the Armored Core experience.

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While Armored Core is one of FromSoftware’s most decorated and popular franchises, there’s no doubt that the devs are most known for Dark Souls.

That said, Armored Core 6 has surpassed the Dark Souls games when it comes to peak players on PC, as it managed to achieve a staggering 156,171 all-time peak according to SteamDB. This is higher than Dark Souls 3’s peak player count of 129,975, which is the highest of all the Souls games and was achieved eight years ago.

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Mech in Armored Core 6FromSoftware
Armored Core 6 has been incredibly successful since release.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice also falls short with an all-time peak of 125,315, while Elden Ring blows all of FromSoftware’s games out of the water with an incredible 953,426 peak player count. This makes Armored Core 6 FromSoftware’s second most popular PC title in terms of player count to date.

Armored Core 6 is FromSoftware’s first release since Elden Ring, so perhaps Elden Ring’s great success and popularity has something to do with the increase in numbers.

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Keep in mind that these are just the numbers on PC, but as Armored Core 6 was also released on consoles, there’s a good chance that these PC stats are an indication of its popularity across the available platforms.

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