AFK Arena Artifact tier list: Best Artifacts for every hero

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AFK Arena Artifact Tier List

Equipping your heroes with Artifacts in AFK Arena can significantly enhance their abilities. However, the sheer variety and quantity of Artifacts can be overwhelming. To help you make the right choice, here’s an AFK Arena artifact tier list that includes the best Artifacts for all characters in the game.

AFK Arena features two categories of Artifacts: Dura’s Artifacts, which are universal and can be utilized by any hero, and Class Artifacts, which are tailored to specific Hero Classes.

These Artifacts play a pivotal role in enhancing your heroes’ performance by offering a range of stats such as CRIT, HP, DEF, ATK, and ACC and you need to choose the right one for your characters based on their roles and abilities. This is similar to other RPGs like Genshin Impact, where you also have to customize your characters with suitable Artifacts to maximize their damage output.

To help you with this, here’s a tier list of AFK Arena Artifacts which also covers the best Artifacts for every character.

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Class-specific Artifacts can be further enhanced by completing their Trails of God stages.

AFK Arena Artifact tier list

In the chart below, all the Artifacts in AFK Arena have been put in a tier ranging from S to E. Do note that S is the strongest while E is the weakest.

Artifact ClassAttributesTier
Dura’s EyeCrit – 5.00
PR – 5.00
Dura’s CallHaste – 8.00
MR – 5.00
WindbinderMageCDA – 10
ATK -6%
HP – 5.5%
Oceanic StringsSupportHASTE -2
HR – 5.4
Chaos BringerWarriorACC – 12
ATK – 10%
Pauldron of Burning FuryWarrior HP – 9.80%
ATK – 5.00%
Life’s LimitTankRH: 11.80
HP: 11.80%
Waistband of ResilienceTankHP – 12.8%
DEF – 10%
Dual DivinityRanger Crit – 6
CDA – 10
Shroud of VerdureRanger CRIT – 5.7
HP – 8.6%
Warden of the ArcaneMageHASTE: 2
DEF: 14.9%
Verdant LongbowRangerACC: 22.00
ATK: 8.00%
The BarricadeTankCDR: 6
HP: 13%
Chalice of VitalityHP: 8.00%
DEF: 5.00%
Dura’s BladeACC: 15.00
ATK: 5.00%
Seraphic TideSupportHR: 4
ATK: 6%
AS: 11.8
ATK: 5%
Winged WardenMageHASTE: 2
ATK: 3.00%
HP: 7.00%
Dura’s GraceDODGE: 10.00
HP: 8.00%
TidebearerSupportCDR: 9.9
HP: 8.1%
Dura’s ConvictionCRIT: 3.00
ACC: 15.00
Dura’s DrapeDEF: 8.00%E

From the table, it is clear that Dura’s Eye is the best artifact in AFK Arena while Dura’s Drape is the worst. We recommend using Artifacts that fall under S, A, and B tiers and avoiding anything below that.

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Upgrading an artifact will boost some of its core attributes.

Best Artifacts for every hero in AFK Arena

In the table below, you’ll find every hero in AFK Arena and the best Artifacts for them:

HeroBest Artifact2nd best Artifact3rd best Artifact
AinzWarden of the ArcaneBladeWindbinder
AlbedoThe BarricadeWaistband of ResilienceChalice of Vitality
AlnaEyeChaos BringerCarnage
AnokiThe BarricadeWaistband of ResilienceChalice of Vitality
AntandraChaos BringerEyeCarnage
ArthurWaistband of ResilienceThe BarricadeChalice of Vitality
AstarTidebearerOceanic StringsCall
AthaliaDual DivinityVerdant LongbowEye
AudraeVerdant LongbowBladeCall
Awakened EzizhWarden of the ArcaneCallEye
Awakened ThaneDual DivinityDual DivinityDual Divinity
Awakened TaleneEyeBladeCall
BadenChaos BringerEyeBlade
BelindaWindbinderWarden of the ArcaneEye
BrutusThe BarricadeBladeWaistband of Resilience
CeciliaDual DivinityEyeVerdant Longbow
DaimonCallEyeThe Barricade
DesiraCallOceanic StringsTidebearer
DrezVerdant LongbowCallDual Divinity
EironnCallShroud of VerdureVerdant Longbow
Elijah & LailahCallTidebearerOceanic Strings
EluardWindbinderWarden of the ArcaneCall
EstrildaChaos BringerPauldron of Burning FuryEye
EzioCallVerdant LongbowShroud of Verdure
EzizhTidebearerSeraphic TideCall
FawkesEyeBladeShroud of Verdure
FramtonChaos BringerEyeCall
FeraelEyeBladeShroud of Verdure
GorvoWaistband of Resilience (CC)GraceLifes’s Limit
GranitLifes’s LimitChalice of VitalityEye
GrezhulLifes’s LimitChalice of VitalityEye
GwynethVerdant LongbowEyeShroud of Verdure
HaelusTidebearerCallOceanic Strings
HendrikWaistband of Resilience (CC)The BarricadeLifes’s Limit
HodgkinCallLifes’s LimitWaistband of Resilience
IsabellaEyeWindbinderWarden of the Arcane
JOKERShroud of VerdureEyeBlade
IzoldPauldron of Burning FuryChaos BringerCarnage
KazGraceShroud of VerdureEye
KelthurDual DivinityShroud of VerdureEye
KhasosChaos BringerPauldron of Burning FuryEye
LeofricCallTidebearerSeraphic Tide
Leonardo da VinciWindbinderCallWarden of the Arcane
KrenEyeCallShroud of Verdure
LorsanWindbinderEyeWarden of the Arcane
LuciusWaistband of Resilience (CC)The BarricadeLifes’s Limit
LucretiaVerdant LongbowDual DivinityEye
LycaVerdant LongbowShroud of VerdureEye
MehiraWindbinderWarden of the ArcaneDrape
MerlinTidebearerCallSeraphic Tide
MorrowWindbinderEyeWinged Warden
MortasTidebearerEyeSeraphic Tide
MezothWaistband of Resilience (CC)The BarricadeChalice of Vitality
MishkaWaistband of Resilience (CC)The BarricadeLifes’s Limit
NakoruruEyeGraceShroud of Verdure
NaraPauldron of Burning FuryChaos BringerEye
NemoraTidebearerCallSeraphic Tide
NumisuCallTidebearerSeraphic Tide
OdenWindbinderEyeWarden of the Arcane
OrthrosWaistband of Resilience (CC)Chalice of VitalityLifes’s Limit
OscarEyeShroud of VerdureBlade
PippaWarden of the ArcaneCallWindbinder
QUEENEyeChaos BringerPauldron of Burning Fury
Prince of PersiaDual DivinityVerdant LongbowEye
RakuVerdant LongbowShroud of VerdureEye
RespenVerdant LongbowEyeShroud of Verdure
RigbyPauldron of Burning FuryChalice of VitalityGrace
RowanCallTidebearerSeraphic Tide
SatranaWindbinderEyeWinged Warden
SaurusChaos BringerBlade (Bosses)Eye
SeirusPauldron of Burning FuryChalice of VitalityCall
ShemiraWindbinderEyeWarden of the Arcane
SkregWaistband of Resilience (CC)Lifes’s LimitChalice of Vitality
SkriathWarden of the ArcaneWindbinderEye
SoliseWindbinderEyeWarden of the Arcane
ThaliWarden of the ArcaneCallWinged Warden
ThaneDual DivinityVerdant LongbowEye
TheowynEyeCallShroud of Verdure
ThoranCallLifes’s LimitWaistband of Resilience (CC)
TidusDual DivinityShroud of VerdureGrace
TitusLifes’s LimitCallWaistband of Resilience (CC)
TorneWaistband of Resilience (CC)Lifes’s LimitBlade
UkyoChaos BringerEyePauldron of Burning Fury
UlmusWaistband of Resilience (CC)Lifes’s LimitDrape
VurkVerdant LongbowEyeBlade
WalkerChaos BringerPauldron of Burning FuryEye
WarekPauldron of Burning FuryChaos BringerEye
Wu KongChaos BringerPauldron of Burning FuryEye
ZaphraelWindbinderEyeWarden of the Arcane
ZolrathCarnagePauldron of Burning FuryEye
ZikisDual DivinityBladeShroud of Verdure

Except for Alaro, every hero mentioned above can benefit from three Artifacts. Naturally, you should try to unlock and use the first priority Artifacts for the best results in AFK Arena.

This was everything to know about the Artifacts in AFK Arena and how to use them with your favorite characters. For similar content, have a look at:

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