Hero Wars tier list: Best heroes and their team compositions

Official Hero Wars art work

There’s an abundance of heroes in Nexters’ Hero Wars which often leads to players getting confused during team building. If you’re sailing on the same boat, here’s a Hero Wars tier list for you to know about the best as well as the worst heroes in the game.

Like a lot of fantasy RPG games, Hero Wars contains a diverse set of bosses and enemies that players must beat on their journey. To counter such a strong set of enemies, you naturally need an equally powerful set of Heroes.

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Luckily, there are over 50 playable characters in Hero Wars. You unlock them at level 1 and the goal is to help them reach the ‘Epic’ level where they showcase their maximum potential. Having said that, leveling up characters and building teams are important decisions and you cannot expect good results without choosing the best heroes available.

Hence, this Hero Wars tier list will help you choose the strongest Heroes to clear PvE as well as PvP content.

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Hero Wars characters fighting a boss

Best heroes in Hero Wars ranked from best to worst

In the table below, we’ve assigned every hero in Hero Wars a tier ranging from S to D. The characters in the S tier are the strongest while the ones in the D tier are the weakest.

TierHero Wars characters
SChabba, Celeste, Cleaver, Nebula, Ziri, Jorgen, Martha, Aidan, Kayla
AAurora, Astaroth, Lars, Krista, Satori, Yasmine, Cornelius, Alvanor, Jhu, Luther, Lilith, Thea, Galahad, Qing Mao, Orion, Andvari, Maya, Markus, Keira, Fafnir, Daredevil
BPeppy, Sebastian, Jet, Rufus, Isaac, Tristian, Lian, Artemis, Fox, Corvus, Helios, Elmir, Dorian
CArachne, Dark Star, Kai, Ginger, Ishmael, Morrigan, Iris,
DHeidi, Dante, Astrid and Lucas, Phobos, Judge, Mojo

We recommend using characters placed in the S and A tiers for best results. Fortunately, you’ll get a lot of them for free and even if you’re willing to try out the game’s gacha system, only these characters are worth the investment.

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Having said that, team formations play a major role in Hero Wars. For instance, Elmir and Dorian aren’t great as individual characters but when paired with someone like Daredevil, the outcome is entirely different.

Hero Wars gameplay

Best team compositions in Hero Wars

To excel in Hero Wars, you not only need the best characters but also need to form teams with them. From synergy and damage output to support abilities and heals, there are many elements that make a good team.

These are the best and most balanced team compositions in Hero Wars:

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  • Lilith, Phobos, Corvus, Morrigan, Alvanor
  • Krista, Lars, Nebula, Astaroth, Martha
  • Satori, Thea, Jorgen, Maya, Astaroth
  • Dorian, Orion, Helios, Clever, Peppy
  • Andvari, Rufus, Keira, Dorian, Martha
  • Kai, Maya, Lian, Phobos, Judge
  • Ginger, Isaac, Astrid and Lucas, Sebastian, Aurora

Well, this was everything to know about the best heroes in Hero Wars and how you can make the most of them in various team compositions. For similar content, you can check out the best characters and artifacts in Genshin Impact, the best Cookies and Treasures in Cookie Run Kingdom, and the Archero weapons tier list.

Image Credits: Nexters

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