Where to put up ‘Where’s Miles’ posters in Fortnite

Shreya Paul
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Fortnite is known for its collaborations and the anticipated Miles Morales crossover is on its way but prior to that, the Week 10 Quest has added a new quest that requires players to put up ‘Where’s Miles’ posters. To do this quickly, our guide has you sorted.

Fortnite collaborations have refreshed the game time and again which fans have thoroughly enjoyed. Speaking of collaborations, it’s time players got new challenges where they have to put up Miles Morales’ posters around the map. This assured fans that Miles is indeed heading to Fortnite pretty soon and if we’ve learned anything then Fortnite has a way of including challenges surrounding the popular crossovers over the years.

As exciting as this sounds, this particular challenge can be crucial if you aren’t aware of the locations so here’s how you can put up ‘Where’s Miles’ posters in Fortnite.

All locations to put up ‘Where’s Miles’ posters in Fortnite

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Put up Where’s Miles Posters around the map to complete the challenge quickly.

To put up ‘Where’s Miles’ posters in Fortnite, you need to visit the following locations:

  • Mega City POI (2)
  • Shattered Slabs POI (2)
  • Slappy Shores POI (2)
  • Solitary Shrine Landmark (1)

So, the challenge is pretty straightforward and you simply need to put up posters in these locations. There are a total of 7 spots to put up Miles’ posters and out of those seven, you need to put up only three.

All three POIs have two poster spots and the landmark has one. Therefore, you do not need to go to all the locations to put up the posters but you will need to go to two of the above-mentioned locations to complete the challenge.

However, keep in mind that the locations are heavily contested and will have enemies lurking around trying to complete this challenge, so make sure you’re well-equipped before starting the challenge. We recommend landing in the Solitary Shrine as the chances are it’s going to be less crowded so you can easily equip yourself, get some loot, and put up one of the three ‘Where’s Miles’ posters to get a headway in the challenge.

Well, that’s all you need to know to put up ‘Where’s Miles’ posters in Fortnite.

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