Where to find Haystacks in Fortnite: Locations & how to hide inside

Fortnite player looking at Haystack

Fortntie Chapter 4 Season 1 is full of Quests to complete, and one of them tasks players with hiding in Haystacks. Here’s every Fortnite Haystack location to make this objective quick and easy.

Fortnite players are constantly being offered new Quests to complete, whether it be Weekly Quests to level up the Battle Pass and earn rare skins, or objectives tied to an event like Most Wanted Quests.

These Quests often force players to the furthest corners of the map and make them use specific weapons or carry out bizarre tasks, such as falling into bushes. One of the newer objectives that’s stumping players requires them to hide in Haystacks.

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Here’s every Haystack location in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 and how to hide in them.

Every Fortnite Haystack location

Every Haystack in Fortnite can be found in Frenzy Fields, the large farm area in the southern part of the map. Haystacks used to be a common sight around the island, but can now only be found in Frenzy Fields and the surrounding areas.

If the named location itself is a little too hot, you can also head Southeast to the nearby Proper Pastures where there are even more Haystacks laying around.

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Check out the image below to see the location of every Haystack in Fortnite:

Haystacks can only be found in Frenzy Fields.

How to hide in Haystacks in Fortnite

Once you’ve tracked down a Haystack in Fortnite, all you have to do is approach them and press the Interact button to hop inside. This will make you invisible to enemies in the area and also tick one part of the Weekly Quest off.

Be warned, though, other players can still damage you if they know you’re hiding in a Haystack, so make sure the coast is clear before jumping in.

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Image credit: Epic Games / Fortnite.gg