How to help defeat Darth Vader in Fortnite: Location & Star Wars Quest guide

Shreya Paul
Darth Vader with his red lightsaber in Fortnite.Epic Games

Darth Vader, the strongest Sith Lord has arrived in Fortnite along with a set of new Star Wars quests. One of the quests requires you to “help defeat Darth Vader.” Before you attack, keep in mind he’s extremely powerful so here’s how you can find and defeat him in Fortnite.

One of the newly added Find the Force quests in Fortnite involves you facing Darth Vader, but beware he’s one of the strongest NPCs in Chapter 4 Season 2. Defeating him won’t be easy and before you proceed with the challenge, you need to know his location.

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Before visiting the location, make sure to equip yourself with weapons and get your shields up as much as possible to sustain damage.

Here are a few ways by which you can help defeat Darth Vader in Fortnite.

Where to find Darth Vader in Fortnite

Fortnite map location of Darth VaderFORTNITE.GG
Check the map image to spot Darth Vader’s location.

Darth Vader is located Northeast of Brutal Bastion near the Stone Tower landmark.

How to help defeat Darth Vader in Fortnite

To complete the “help defeat Darth Vader quest” in Fortnite, you simply need to inflict damage on Darth Vader. To complete this quest, you can shoot a few bullets and run away as simply dealing damage will win you the challenge. However, keep in mind that several other opponents will be landing at the same spot to eliminate the boss.

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Darth Vader has six shields and health bars, so this is going to be a tough fight, and you need quite a bit of ammunition and health to defeat this boss NPC.

Long-range weapon aiming at Darth Vader in FortniteEpic Games
Use any long-range weapons and attack Darth Vader to deal damage.

Darth Vader is protected by two Clone Trooper NPCs. You can wait for opponents to attack Vader first, and when the boss is close to low health, swoop in to third-party the enemies quickly. This strategy can be most effective if you are camping at the Stone Tower landmark.

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We recommend using a Heavy Sniper, Red-Eye Assault Rifle, or the Cobra DMR while engaging Vader from a distance. Use the Ascenders to get on top of the Stone Tower, and attack Darth Vader using any long-range weapons to deal damage. Vader performs a jumping move where he lunges forward to attack, and also throws his red lightsaber at regular intervals. He can also throw objects at you using Force abilities, so be sure to fight from cover while facing this boss.

Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader in combat in FortniteEpic Games
Engage him in close-range combat but make sure to dodge his attacks.

If you are planning to attack him upfront, then make sure to use a Combat or the Havoc Pump Shotgun. At close range, you will need to dodge his lightsaber throw attacks. When he performs the lightsaber throw, Vader will be unequipped for a while, that’s the opening you need to get a few shots in with your Shotgun.

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Try to take out the Clone Troopers first, as they are weaker than Darth Vader, and it’ll allow you to focus on the main enemy. Once Vader is eliminated, you can pick up his lightsaber, and it comes with the lightsaber throw move.

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