How to fall 5 stories or more without taking damage in Fortnite

Shreya Paul
mega city poi in fortnite

Fortnite keeps engaging players with weekly challenges and seasonal events that allow them to earn rewards and XP. The latest challenge of surviving a fall of 5 stories without taking damage can sound daunting to some. We’ve got you covered so you can quickly complete this challenge.

Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2 is nearing its end but that does not mean that players will not face its dose of weekly challenges. Fortnite keeps adding plenty of new quests and seasonal events that players can complete to unlock cosmetics and lots of XP. Completing the weekly quests is an easy way to level up quickly while earning XP toward your Battle Pass.

The Week 9 challenges are now live and one of them requires you to survive a fall of 5 stories or more without taking any fall damage. To complete this challenge, we have noted the different ways you can limit fall damage.

How to survive falling 5 stories or more without taking damage in Fortnite

Anakin Skywalker riding grind rails Fortnite
Use the grind rails or ziplines to easily beat the challenge.

Although taking fall damage has always been a part of Fortnite, these are the different ways that will help you complete the challenge to earn 12,000 XP:

Grind Rails

Players need to visit Mega City, one of the new POIs in Chapter 4, Season 2. You can use the Grind Rails there to easily complete the challenge, since the buildings are all high rising they easily tick off the 5-story prerequisite. You will find plenty of Grind Rails in this location so simply find one and jump off it. These rails not only allow you to jump off without suffering any fall damage but you can also change your direction, shoot at enemies, or heal yourself. Make sure to equip yourself with weapons while you are doing this challenge.


You will find Ziplines in different locations such as Shattered Slabs and Lonely Labs, and you can use them to complete this challenge. Ziplines are useful for swift mobility and to use them, you simply need to interact with them. If you launch yourself onto them while standing on a Kinetic Ore, it will help you to avoid fall damage.

Air Vents

Apart from the Grind Rails, you will also find Air Vents in Mega City. To launch yourself in the air, simply reach the top of the high-rise buildings, and walk onto the Air Vent to get an aerial boost. These Air Vents will help you avoid fall damage and hence using them will allow you to complete the challenge easily.

Kinetic Blade

The purple-hued katana is another safe option for you to complete this challenge. The blade has two types of attacks: Dash Attack and Knockback Slash. Using the Dash Attack from the top of buildings will tick off both the requirements of the challenge. Once you have dashed in the air, surviving 5 stories will not be a problem and you will be able to avoid fall damage due to the Katana.

These are the three methods that you need to know about to complete the challenge.

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