Fortnite Reload cranks up the sweatiness but players love it anyway

Amitesh Dhar
Fortnite reload cover with Tilted Towers in the background.

Fortnite players are enjoying the new Reload mode, but find it extremely sweaty because of the level of skill required to efficiently build and use the weapons available in the mode.

Matches are held on a smaller map with only 40 players and have some really popular weapons from previous chapters. While it was initially meant for Squads only, you will now be able to play Duos in Reload too, but that hasn’t reduced the competitiveness of the mode at all.

‘Sadmathematician7799’ took to Reddit to ask his fellow loopers how they felt about the new Fortnite mode and players were quick to give their verdict on it.

One player replied, “I think this mode works well with your friends, especially to reintroduce some who’ve been M.I.A from [Fortnite] for a while,” and another added, “Pretty chaotic, but fun. Nostalgia is just the right amount, so you don’t get tired of it too quickly.”

Apart from the building, players find this mode sweaty because it contains older weapons. One of the main differences between weapons before Chapter 3 and the ones after is that the latter has bloom so you’ll benefit from spraying at the enemy.

For the weapons before Chapter 3, you would have to tap-fire to ensure you get first-shot accuracy every time you pull the trigger. A different player also added, “Very sweaty but I love it! Feels like the old days :).”

Despite being sweaty, players find this mode to be extremely fun, and at the time of writing this article, the number of players on Reload is more than the ones playing the regular Battle Royale, which shows exactly how popular it is.

While players enjoy themselves on this smaller map and wait for the Fortnite 30.20 update to arrive, they’ve suggested making one change that could make this mode even better.