Best landing spots in Fortnite Reload

Nathan Warby
Battle Bus flying over Fortnite Reload map

Fortnite Reload is a small and chaotic new mode, so choosing the best landing spot is essential if you’re going to secure the win.

The bite-sized map is made of up iconic locations but packs the entire lobby onto a much smaller island. This makes your initial drop site more vital than ever, as you’re going to be forced to fight for survival right off the jump.

So, here’s where you should land in Fortnite Reload.

Lazy Laps

Lazy Laps in Fortnite Reload
Lazy Laps is a new POI for Fortnite Reload.

The best landing spot in Fortnite Reload is Lazy Laps, as it strikes the perfect balance in terms of size and popularity. Although it’s on the smaller end of the nine available POIs, it’s more than big enough to provide a full inventory of loot for your entire squad – which is limited to four at launch.

It’s also a new location, whereas the others are classic drop sites, which means it doesn’t have the same appeal as many other parts of the island. So, you’re unlikely to face the same competition for Chests and you can take a bit more time to prepare yourself with Shields and items before heading into hotter territories.

It’s also well-placed at the bottom of the island, so you can stick to the outside of the circle as it closes in without the fear of being surrounded.

Tilted Towers

Tilted Towers in Fortnite Reload

Getting the best loot is obviously the priority in Fortnite Reload, which is why the iconic Tilted Towers is one of the best drop sites. It has more Chests and weapons than any other place on the map, so you’ll be well-placed to take on the entire lobby after searching its many buildings.

However, the drawback is that it’s also arguably the most popular landing spot, so it’ll be overrun with enemies from the go. Also, since respawns are enabled, even pushing back rival squads doesn’t necessarily end the threat, so you’ll have to keep your wits about you as players Reboot.

Despite the sheer chaos the POI brings, it’s well worth the risk because if you’re skilled enough to survive that initial scramble, you’ll be in the best possible position.

Retail Row

Retail Row in Fortnite Reload
Retail is one of the most iconic Fortnite locations.

Another of the most iconic locations the game has to offer, Retail Row is also one of the best landing spots you should consider. While it’s not quite as sprawling as Tilted, it’s still one of the biggest POIs on the Reload map, which means the odds of finding top-tier gear are far higher.

What makes Retail ideal is its layout, as the area encourages you to stick to rooftops rather than getting up close and personal. There’s less need to worry about flankers sneaking up and Shotgunning you, making the crucial moments after dropping a little more peaceful.

That being said, its popularity seems to vary drastically from match to match, so there are some occasions where you’ll virtually have the entire shopping complex to yourself, while in others you’ll need to fight for your loot.

Pleasant Park

Pleasant Park in Fornite Reload

Pleasant Park mirrors Retail Row in many ways, as it can be found at the complete opposite corner of the map. But it’s significantly bigger than its counterpart, making it one of the hottest areas that Reload has to offer.

The beauty of Pleasant is the way it’s broken up into four distinct corners, giving the same number of squads the opportunity to land and loot up rather than getting straight into combat. Fights here often take a while to get going, as each team focuses on stripping their corner of the POI of weapons and items before they hunt the others down.

Lone Lodge

Lone Lodge POI in Fortnite Reload
Don’t be fooled by Lone Lodge’s small size.

Just as the name suggests, Lone Lodge feels isolated from the other parts of the map, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about it. While it’s easily one of the smallest and doesn’t look like it would be an ideal drop site, it actually has plenty of advantages if you act fast.

The house itself is stuffed full of valuable loot, but there’s also plenty to find in the surrounding areas. You’ll want to get inside the lodge if possible, but the trees around it provide great cover for you and your squad if you need to take it by force.

Its location at the northernmost point of the map also means you can easily rotate from there no matter where the circle goes. Plus, if you do manage to survive the early-match chaos, Lone’s secluded nature gives you time to heal and regroup before moving on to a new spot.

Once you’ve decided the best place to drop, all that’s left to do is loot up and keep an eye out for rare items like the Mythic Goldfish. There are also plenty of different Quests and objectives to complete to help you level up the latest Battle Pass.

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