Is Fortnite Reload permanent?

Nathan Warby
Tilted Towers in Fortnite Reload

Fortnite Reload has been a smash hit since it arrived on June 22, and many players are already hoping the mode is a permanent addition. Heavily inspired by Warzone’s Resurgence, the mode takes place on a smaller version of the Chapter 1 map, with respawns enabled up to a certain point.

Over the years, Epic Games have introduced a host of different modes, from Festival and Lego to Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet and 50 v 50. However, some of these have become full-time playlists while others were only available for a limited time.

If you’re which category Reload falls into, here’s everything you need to know.

Is it an LTM or permanent mode?

Fortnite Reload appears to be a permanent mode added to the game’s many playlist options. The devs haven’t explicitly said it’s ongoing, but in all of the official announcements, there is no mention of an end date for the mode, suggesting that it will be live for the foreseeable future.

In the past, whenever Epic Games have introduced an LTM, they’ve had a clear cutoff point for players to keep in mind. This makes it obvious that it won’t be around forever and encourages you to keep grinding while it’s still available.

However, all of the marketing about Fortnite Reload has described it as “new battle royale mode,” which strongly suggests that they have no intention of removing it.

That being said, there’s every chance that the devs could decide to take it out at a later date if the popularity dips severely. But, given how strong of a start the mode has had, with leaker ‘Shiina’ reporting that it attracted more than one million players within 30 minutes of going live, it’s showing no signs of flopping.

Dataminers have also discovered files that hint that new variations, such as Duos and Trios, are coming down the line, which suggests that Epic Games plan to support it for some time.

The community has already responded very positively towards Fortnite Reload, so players will hoping for even more iconic weapons and locations to be added in the future.

There’s plenty more to look forward to as well, with Chapter 5 Season 4 on the horizon and the leaked roadmap revealing that Fortnite OG is returning to take fans back to Chapter 2 this time around.

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