Fortnite Reload players desperate for one change to make mode “perfect”

Amitesh Dhar
Fortnite current reload map

Fortnite‘s brand-new Reload mode has reintroduced some fan-favorite weapons and locations from previous chapters. But players feel a simple change would make the mode better than what it is right now.

Compared to the Battle Royale, the Reload mode features just one map which is smaller and is meant for 40 players only, where the last squad alive wins the match. If your teammate dies, there’s a timer following which they’ll be rebooted on the island.

Given that it’s a smaller island with less number of players, the matches are fast-paced, but playing on the same map could affect its long-term popularity. To address this issue, players suggested that adding multiple maps to the rotation pool could make the mode more interesting.

‘V0idflam3’ took to Reddit to share their opinion about the new mode and players rallied in support of the idea, with some even suggesting that Reload would be perfect if it had random maps for each game.

One player also suggested, “Have it like Apex [Legends] back in the day. Switch out maps and loot pools every thirty minutes or an [hour].” Others also added that the map pools could be segregated based on the different biomes that were seen in Fortnite so far.

While appreciating the idea, another player added, “That would be perfect. Different modes with different maps would split the player base too much.”

Fortnite Reload is very new at this point and there’s a high probability that the developers will roll out more updates for this mode, just as they have with LEGO and Fortnite Festival.

Apart from the Reload mode, there’s a lot in store for the game in future updates including a brand-new Marvel season. Players have also shared their opinions about how an attachment is ruining one of the best close-range weapons in the game.

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