Fortnite OG players desperate for classic cosmetics return to the shop

Joseph Pascoulis
fortnite saura and brite gunner skins

Fortnite players are desperate for classic cosmetics to return to the shop in the OG update, hungry for even more nostalgia.

Fortnite is experiencing a huge boom in its player count thanks to Chapter 4 Season 5‘s OG update, which sees the return of the classic map as well as OG weapons, items, and even the Battle Pass.

Despite all of this, players still want more, as they are now calling for OG cosmetics to return to the in-game store for purchase. Reddit user ‘PlushtrapChaser24519’ highlighted some of the game’s OG skins that they would like to see return to Fortnite in the OG update.

These skins include Saura and Raven Team Leader, which are both beloved skins from the first chapter of the game.

While many skins have already returned, they have been remixed to look slightly different, so they aren’t the exact same. This is what the OP would like to see for these store skins, asking whether or not they will arrive in Chapter 4 Season OG.

While nothing has been confirmed, one user commented, “They’re original item shop skins, so yes 100% likely they will be in the shop rotation,” confident that these skins will return, especially as other remixed OG skins have already been seen in the store.

Users seem generally confident that both skins will be seen in the store at some point during Fortnite OG, as one even said, “Idk but I don’t see why they wouldn’t. Plenty of shop skins that share a theme with the season they were introduced in just come and go like any other skin.”

Further, others even want to see “actual OG” items such as uncommon, rare, and even epic skins, weapon Wraps, Emotes, Gliders, and Back Blings.

As Reddit user ‘Stivox‘ said in their post, “A lot of OG cosmetics haven’t appeared on the shop since early 2019.”

That said, many comments under their post made it clear that “The entire World Cup and reflex set will never return ever. Epic’s already said this.” However, some of the other OG items “might be fair game.”

Only time will tell if Epic decide to bring back even more items and cosmetics in the store for Fortnite OG, as players continue to chase nostalgia.

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