Fortnite OG players delighted as fan-favorite character returns to map

Ezequiel Leis
Kevin the Cube in Fortnite OGEpic Games

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG received its first update with map changes and other additions, and players are celebrating a highly-anticipated return to the island.

Fortnite Chapter 4 went back in time to bring the OG map back alongside some of the classic weapons and vehicles players enjoyed during the early seasons of the battle royale. While the OG Season will last only a few weeks, it already managed to break historic records for Epic Games’ title. What’s more, it seems like players will also have a lot to celebrate during the whole season.

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On November 9, Epic Games released the first update for the OG Season to add weapons, vehicles, and locations that originally debuted during Chapter 1 Season 6. Among those additions is the return of a fan-favorite “character,” and players can’t contain their excitement.

“Kevin is back!!!” said Reddit user ‘Lazy_Tundra_Dumpling’ on a post, referring to the giant purple cube that played an important role at the end of Chapter 1. Also known as the “Six-Sided Mystery” or more commonly Kevin the Cube, this particular phenomenon could be seen around the map, moving on its own and striking players with lightning when it was attacked.

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In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG, Kevin can be seen in Loot Lake, one of the most popular POIs of the original map. When it first debuted, there was a lot of mystery around it, and players would try to interact with it as it moved across the map. Many players associate Kevin with some of the best moments in Fortnite‘s history, which could mean the record-breaking season is not waning down any time soon.

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“THE ALL MIGHTY KEVIN IS BACK ALL MAY BASK IN HIS CUBNESS,” a Reddit user cheered, but it seems not all players are happy with its return. Some fans are a bit disappointed they didn’t get to see Kevin moving around the map like in Chapter 1 Season 6.

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“Kinda sad we didn’t have him moving around the island. I know it would look stupid if he had to get to loot lake in 3 days or smth, but since there was no rift to spawn him from… We could have got Kevin the cube meteor or smth, maybe he could land near loot lake, or just drop into it, making water bouncy for a day,” stated another player.

What’s more, it seems like players can’t get close enough to Kevin to interact with it. When a Reddit user asked “Does it work/have any interactions with players or zaps back when hit?” others confirmed that is not the case. Many players think this is a missed opportunity, while others are enjoying gliding around Kevin to reach new heights and better advantage points.

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Tilted Towers in Fortnite OGEpic Games
Some of the most iconic Fortnite locations are back fora a limited time.

Epic Games confirmed a new update is coming on November 16 to move the OG Season forward with content first seen in Chapter 1 Seasons 7 and 8. We still don’t know if Kevin the Cube will remain on Loot Lake for the remainder of the current season, but we’ll keep you updated with the latest news.

In the meantime, make sure to check all Chapter 4 Season OG Weekly Quests you need to complete to unlock all the Spectra Knight styles in the battle royale.

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