Fortnite player sparks “genius” theory after spotting OG landmark on Chapter 5 map

Nathan Warby
Lavish Lair in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1

An eagle-eyed Fortnite player spotted an interesting detail on the new Chapter 5 Season 1 map, kickstarting a wild theory on how Chapter 1 and the new season’s island could be linked together.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 has arrived, bringing a host of changes and new features to Epic’s popular battle royale. Players can customize their guns using Mod Benches, or regenerate their Shield using Society Medallions.

There’s also a brand-new map to explore, featuring fresh locations like Lavish Lair, Reckless Railway, and Classy Courts. But while the Chapter 5 island is mostly unrecognizable, a Fortnite player spotted a familiar sight in the background, giving way to a fan theory that the community hopes is true.

Reddit user ‘Virtual-Mode-5003’ shared an image of the Chapter 5 and Chapter 1 maps next to each other, pointing out that the “background mountains from Chapter 1 look same as the ones now.”

The OP went on to explain that they, like many players, had tried to get over to the islands in the background during Fortnite Chapter 1, and speculated that the new map had been built around the previously inaccessible area.

As another player pointed out, this would hint that “you could see the other map from the current island” if the view was clear, as the Chapter 1 and Chapter 5 islands would be neighbors. However, the OP also pointed out that it’s possible that the new map is in an “alternate universe where the original map doesn’t exist” and has been replaced by the new one.

While there’s currently no way of knowing for sure if this theory is right, plenty of other players hoped that the Fortnite devs find a way to make it canon in the future.

“If this was intentional then that’s genius map design,” said one player, before another added: “I hope it’s not a coincidence because that’s so cool if it was intentional.”

Meanwhile, others felt that similarities between the mountains were nothing more than a coincidence, or just a generic backdrop that doesn’t mean the new and old maps are linked together.

Epic Games are known for subtly tweaking the island over time as the story of each season unfolds, so we’ll have to wait and see if this theory turns out to be true as we head towards Chapter 5 Season 2.

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