Fortnite fans worried player count will die after Season OG

Ezequiel Leis
Fortnite OG Battle Pass skins

Fortnite OG is almost over after a month full of nostalgia on the classic map, but players think the next season won’t be as successful.

Fortnite went back to its original map with Chapter 4 Season OG, giving players the chance to revisit classic locations with refreshed graphics. The season was extremely successful and broke many records for the classic battle royale thanks to veteran players returning alongside curious newcomers.

Fortnite OG brought back the original variations of the Fortnite map and also added weapons and vehicles that were originally introduced in the early years of the game. The season lasted only a month but helped developers reach important milestones. However, Fortnite OG is ending to give way to Chapter 5, and some fans fear there’ll be a huge drop in the player base.

Reddit user ‘LukeM2006’ took this concern to the battle royale’s official subreddit with a post titled “Are people actually gonna leave after Fortnite OG?” The user commented that Chapter 5 will introduce the largest amount of new content to the Fortnite experience and added: “which is why I find it weird that people will immediately leave once this season is over.”

Other players chimed in and shared their own experiences during the early days of Fortnite and the OG season. ‘DartBoardGamer’ commented, “People come and go but we saw a literal doubling of the player count. Going down again is guaranteed,” which sparked interesting replies among the community.

Many players revealed they came back to Fortnite thanks to the OG season, and said they’ll keep playing now they’ve seen the many changes the game has gone through in six years. One player stated: “The reason I stopped playing in the first place was because of the building so being able to play zero build has been a game changer. I definitely plan on sticking around until at least the next season!”

Another user in the replies also commented: “I think that’s why it was such a good move for fortnite. Bring back players that played before zero builds and show them what it is! The zero build numbers were so high the other day, they almost hit the builds number.”

Fortnite OG artwork with Spectra Knight
Fortnite OG has been a big hit among players.

On the other hand, some returning players shared why they came back: “Modern Fortnite (chapter 4) just had wayyy too much s**t in it. Bots, NPCs, cars, mythics, animals, bounties, those weird power ups, etc etc. I much much prefer OG because of how simple it is.” And another added: “People don’t miss OG exclusively for the map, they miss the simple loot pool and mechanics.”

Returning players seem to like a simpler Fortnite experience. Fortnite introduced players to Reality Augments, new movement mechanics, and more over the years. Now, some players fear Chapter 5 isn’t made for them, so many will say goodbye to the battle royale once again when the OG season ends.

Fortnite fans have been requesting Epic Games to make the OG map a permanent mode, so we’ll have to wait and see if these returning fans will stick around for longer. Maybe adding an OG mode will keep the player base growing, which is already an incredible feat.

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