Is Final Fantasy 16 coming to Xbox & PC?

Nathan Warby
Clive in FF16.

Final Fantasy 16 follows Clive Rosefield in a new numbered entry of Square Enix’s RPG saga, and with its release on PS5 back in 2023, fans wonder if the game will arrive on Xbox and PC.

Final Fantasy 16 is the first numbered FF game for the current generation of consoles, and even with FF7 Rebirth on PS5, XVI is still yet to be enjoyed by many.

The series has millions of fans across all platforms, so Xbox and PC players will be wondering if the game is making its way to their systems as well.

Here’s everything we know so far about Final Fantasy 16 on PC and Xbox Series X|S.

Is Final Fantasy 16 coming to PC?

Naoki Yoshida, Final Fantasy 16’s director, confirmed to Game Informer that FF16’s PC version will arrive between March 2024 and March 2025. As stated by Yoshida, the title is in “the final stages of optimization” and Square Enix is still working on the PC requirements.

It was also mentioned that, given the exclusivity of FF16 in PS5, the game was built around the use of Sony’s console’s SSD. While Yoshida hasn’t confirmed that the game won’t support HDD like Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart’s PC version, the specs needed to run it will likely be “somewhat high.”

Naoki Yoshida also confirmed that a demo will be arriving for PC, where players will be able to test their rigs against FF16’s powerful graphics and fast-loading screens.

Is Final Fantasy 16 coming to Xbox Series X|S?

With no official confirmation or a release date from Square Enix’s side, the game’s producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed to Noisy Pixel during a PAX interview that after the PC port, they are “thinking about moving to other platforms.”

While this is not an official Xbox port confirmation, the options for “other platforms” aren’t many, and besides Xbox, the rumored Switch 2 might be the other option. If Square Enix decides to move forward with a port, it would make sense for them to do it on the currently available platforms.

Final Fantasy 16 was a timed exclusive for six months on PlayStation, so now that the deal expired, a release on other platforms, including Xbox, is possible. As of now, PlayStation 5 is the only place to experience Clive’s story today.

Also, back in January 2024, a rumor stated that FF16 was eventually coming to Xbox, and the same leaker who claimed this confirmed Visions of Mana’s presence in the Xbox Developer Direct. Always take these leaks with a grain of salt, but we’ll be sure to update this piece in case we know more.

Final Fantasy 16 Clive key art
Final Fantasy 16 is the first entry in the series made for the current generation of consoles.

And that is everything we know about Final Fantasy 16 on Xbox and PC! We’ll be sure to update this page with the latest information, so stay tuned for more details.

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