Final Fantasy 16: Release date, platforms, gameplay & trailers

Luca Di Marzo
Final Fantasy 16 Clive key art

Final Fantasy 16 is set to provide players with a brand-new journey as the sixteenth mainline title of the iconic Square Enix franchise. Here’s an overview of the new title including the Final Fantasy 16 release date, gameplay details, and trailers.

Final Fantasy is one of the most recognized and well-respected video game franchises in the world. Its long and rich history dates back to 1987, with developers Square Enix at the helm throughout.

Final Fantasy 16 is the next chapter in the franchise and its release date is fast approaching. To get you ready for everything Final Fantasy 16 has to offer, we’ve prepared an overview of what you need to know before launch.

Final Fantasy 16 release date

The Final Fantasy 16 release date is scheduled for Thursday, June 22, 2023. It has been a long wait for Final Fantasy fans as this title was revealed over two years ago.

If you’re preparing to get your hands on the game, check out our pre-order guide for Final Fantasy 16.

Clive in Final Fantasy 16
Clive is the protagonist of Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 platforms

Final Fantasy 16 is a PlayStation exclusive and will only appear on the PlayStation 5 upon release.

Despite the exclusivity to PlayStation 5 when the game launches, the devs have confirmed that Final Fantasy 16 is a timed exclusive, meaning the game will appear on other platforms at a later date.

While there hasn’t been any official confirmation on its post-launch availability, exclusivity deals usually last a minimum of six months. While the game is expected to arrive on PC, we’ll keep you posted on its official availability on other platforms when the devs reveal said information.

Final Fantasy 16 gameplay & plot

When it comes to the Final Fantasy 16 plot, the game is said to focus on a conflict between the six nations of Valisthea. The protagonist, Clive Rosfield, embarks on a quest for revenge after his nation is destroyed.

Final Fantasy 16’s action-based combat system will feature both melee and magic attacks. As players control Clive, he’ll face off against other nations of Valisthea. In Final Fantasy 16, enemies can summon monsters called Eikons. These Eikons require a human host to summon and they’ll act as the bosses of Final Fantasy 16.

In terms of features, Final Fantasy 16 will allow players to experience the journey through a “Story” mode or a “Normal” mode. The Normal mode option will present a greater challenge for experienced FF players. Meanwhile, a New Game + feature will also allow players to begin a campaign with increased difficulty, while keeping their stats and equipment from the previous one.

Final Fantasy 16 trailers

The Final Fantasy 16 reveal trailer delighted fans of the franchise on September 16, 2020, over two years ago. The reveal trailer introduced players to the new cast of characters and set the stage for the next Final Fantasy chapter.

Next came the Revenge trailer, which further delved into the story that players will get to experience come June 22. In comparison to the reveal trailer, the Revenge trailer also featured an inside look at some of the gameplay that will feature in Final Fantasy 16.

We’ve also included this State of Play trailer for players to check out. The video comprises an in-depth look at Final Fantasy 16, with 25 minutes of content to look over. This trailer will surely prepare you for the journey ahead.

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