Final Fantasy 16: Scarletite location & how to find

Stephanie Zucarelli
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Scarletite is one of the most tricky materials to find in Final Fantasy 16. If you want to find this crafting metal without getting lost in Final Fantasy XVI, check out the main locations where Scarletite is hidden.

You’ll need crafting materials in order to get powerful weapons and armor in Final Fantasy XVI. If you want to get equipment such as the Drakeslayer’s Belt, Drakeslayer’s Bracelet, or the Excalibur weapon, you’ll need to find one of the rarest metals in FF16: Scarletite.

Since Scarletite is a limited resource, it’s one of the most sought-after in Final Fantasy 16. There are a few methods to find it, even though getting a few pieces of this metal can be challenging at first. Here are the different ways you can find Scarletite and its locations in Final Fantasy XVI.

What is Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16?

Final Fantasy 16 describes Scarletite as one of the hardest-known metals in its world. The in-game explanation for Scarletite describes it as follows:

“One of the hardest metals known to man, Scarletite is highly sought after by those with the means to pay its exorbitant asking price-a price, determined not by its rarity, but rather because a forge must employ no fewer than five healthy Bearers to produce flames hot enough to melt the ore. At this time, it takes on the deep scarlet hue from which it takes its name.”

Essentially, Scarletite is a rare material that can be used to craft powerful items like the Drakeslayer’s Belt and Excalibur.

How to find Scarletite in Final Fantasy XVI?

Players can earn Scarletite in Final Fantasy XVI by defeating certain Notorious Marks via the Hunting Board, or by completing the Hot Water side quest.

To find and defeat Notorious Marks in Final Fantasy 16, you’ll have to unlock the Hunt Board first, which will appear in the Hideaway after you finished the “Gathering Storm” quest from the main story.

Notorious Marks or “hunts” are special creatures that terrorize the citizens of Valisthea. The flyers on the Hunt Board usually list a general location for the marks, and players should be aware that they’re quite difficult challenges. Some of the marks listed on the board give Scarletite as a reward, making it worth the effort.

Final Fantasy 16 Hunt Board.
The Hunt Board gives access to Notorious Marks in FF16.

Here is the list of Notorious Marks that drop Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16:

  • Dozmare, The Griffin (Rank B, Level 28)
  • Fastitocalon (Rank B, Level 34)
  • The Ten of Clubs (Rank B, Level 35)
  • The Holy Trumpitour (Rank B, Level 36)

You can also get Scarletite after completing the Hot Water side quest, which can be started in Dhalmekian Republic’s Dalimil Inn when talking to a character called Xaver. This mission comes after the main quest called “Follow the Crystal”.

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