All Final Fantasy 16 Timely Accessories explained

Luca Di Marzo
Clive in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy XVI boasts a diverse combat style for a vast range of players, and one element that has caught the eye of the community is Timely Accessories. Specifically designed to cater to novice players, Timely Accessories in Final Fantasy 16 contribute to making the game less challenging.

Final Fantasy XVI has PlayStation 5 players eager to jump straight into the story and discover new features such as the overhauled combat system, Active Time Lore, and its diverse cast of characters.

The beauty of Final Fantasy 16 lies in players’ ability to adjust the combat difficulty, which makes the game appealing to both veterans and newcomers. For those who want to enjoy the storyline without the rigorous battles, Timely Accessories can come in handy.

Let’s delve into what exactly Timely Accessories in Final Fantasy 16 are and how they function.

Final Fantasy 16: What are Timely Accessories?

Clive fighting in Final Fantasy 16
Timely Accessories simplify combat in Final Fantasy 16.

Designed as combat add-ons in Final Fantasy XVI, Timely Accessories aim to balance the game’s difficulty level, especially for those who are new to the genre. These accessories add a customizable feature to the game, enabling the player to adjust the challenge to their liking.

The collection of Timely Accessories is comprised of five distinct pieces, each fulfilling a unique role. Below, we provide a snapshot of what each accessory offers:

  1. Ring of Timely Evasion: The perfect accessory for automatic evasion, this ring lets the protagonist, Clive, dodge enemy blows without any player input.
  2. Ring of Timely Focus: With this accessory, time slows down for the gamer, marked by the appearance of a disappearing circle that signals the time they’ll have to evade.
  3. Ring of Timely Strikes: This is the game’s auto-combo accessory, enabling Clive to unleash a series of sophisticated attacks with just one button press.
  4. Ring of Timely Assistance: This accessory takes the responsibility of managing pet commands off your hands, making Torgal’s responses reliant on your actions and choices.
  5. Ring of Timely Healing: A lifesaver for many, this accessory ensures automatic health replenishment when your HP drops, taking care of your healing potion management.

From this, it’s clear that the main role of Timely Accessories is to automate combat in Final Fantasy XVI, a welcome feature for novices.

How to use Timely Accessories in Final Fantasy XVI

Timely Accessories menu Final Fantasy 16
Final Fantasy 16 Timely Accessories can be found under Gear & Eikons.

Accessing Timely Accessories is as simple as visiting the gear slots in the Final Fantasy 16 menu. The accessory of your choice can be equipped as needed. If you choose to play on the Story Focused difficulty level, the game equips Timely Accessories for you automatically.

As you can see, Final Fantasy XVI’s Timely Accessories provide a unique and engaging gameplay experience tailored to every player’s skill level. These accessories are the game’s solution to welcome all types of players, ensuring nobody is left out of the adventure.

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