How many quests in Final Fantasy 16? All story, DLC missions & side quests

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Clive Rosfield in FF16.

The story of Final Fantasy 16 just got expanded with the Echoes of the Fallen DLC, and now there are more missions to complete before hitting the credits. Here’s a full list of every mission in the Final Fantasy XVI campaign, DLC, and side quests.

Final Fantasy 16 is one of the most acclaimed games of 2023, and fans have fallen in love with Valisthea and its many memorable characters. There’s a lot to tackle in the main story of FF16, its DLC, and the New Game Plus called “Final Fantasy Mode.”

But as the campaign of Final Fantasy XVI unfolds over many decades and takes Clive to plenty of different locations, players might be wondering how many quests they have left before hitting the end.

Here’s how many quests there are in Final Fantasy 16 along with a full list of story and DLC missions, and side quests, so you can easily track your progress.

How many quests in Final Fantasy XVI?

There are a total of 50 story quests to finish in Final Fantasy 16 before the end credits, which is expected to take players around 38 hours to complete. FF16’s latest DLC added one more questline called Echoes of the Fallen, and although it is not mandatory to complete, it adds 3 hours to the main story content.

Of course, if you’re looking to see and do everything in Valisthea, there are also 76 side quests to find. If you’re a completionist, it could take you closer to 70 hours to hit the end of Final Fantasy 16.

The Echoes of the Fallen DLC added its own questline to the game, with a completely new mission that will add almost 3 hours of new content, including new items and boss fights. To access this new questline, players will need to reach the Back to Their Origin main quest and talk to Charon in the main hub.

Clive holding sword in Final Fantasy 16
Final Fantasy 16’s main story features a number of time jumps.

All Final Fantasy XVI story quests

Here’s a list of all 50 main story quests in Final Fantasy 16 listed in chronological order, so you can easily pinpoint where you are in the campaign:

  1. A Flame Summoned
  2. To Kill a Dominant
  3. Pride
  4. Sunrise, Sunset
  5. Lost in a Fog
  6. Flight of the Fledgling
  7. A Chance Encounter
  8. Hide, Hideaway
  9. Fanning Embers
  10. Louder than Words
  11. The Dead of Night
  12. Headwind
  13. Wings of Change
  14. Awakening
  15. The Wages of Guilt
  16. The Hunter and the Hunted
  17. Homecoming
  18. Holding On
  19. Buried Memories
  20. The Meaning of Life
  21. Righting Wrongs
  22. The Crystal’s Curse
  23. Cid the Outlaw
  24. Home, Sweet Home
  25. The Gathering Storm
  26. Bloodlines
  27. Black Light Burns
  28. Here Be Monsters
  29. Fire and Ice
  30. After the Storm
  31. Capital Punishment
  32. Bolts from the Blue
  33. Riddle of the Sands
  34. Into the Darkness
  35. Out of the Shadow
  36. Onwards
  37. Fire in the Sky
  38. Things Fall Apart
  39. Cloak and Dagger
  40. Evenfall
  41. A Song of Hope
  42. Full Steam
  43. Through the Maelstrom
  44. Across the Narrow
  45. Footfalls in Ash
  46. The Last King
  47. Brotherhood
  48. Streets of Madness
  49. Echoes of the Fallen (DLC, optional)
  50. Back to Their Origin

All Final Fantasy XVI side quests

There are 76 side quests in Final Fantasy 16, unlocked at various stages of the main story. Most of these can be found in Hideaway, the home of Cid’s people that players visit early on in the game, but there are also plenty to discover in the other regions of Valisthea.

Here’s a breakdown of every side quest in Final Fantasy 16 by area:


Quest NameLocation
Food for ThoughtThe Ale Hall
Make Do and MendThe Furrows
A Place for EveryoneThe Ale Hall
Moving Heaven and EarthThe Furrows
Needs of the ManyEntrance
Red Letter DayThe Bunks
Caulk & BallThe Pier
The Fruits of Her LaborsThe Backyard
A Culinary PilgrimageThe Ale Hall
Blacksmith’s BluesThe Counter
Cut from the ClothBoarding Deck
The Root of the ProblemThe Backyard
The Weight of CommandBoarding Deck
Do No HarmThe Infirmary
Weird ScienceMid’s Dungeon
Blacksmith’s Blues IIReading Table
A Bone to PickReading Table
PaybackReading Table
Smooth Like ButlerReading Table
An Eye for the EyeThe Rear Stacks
Not to be OutdoneThe Ale Hall
On BalanceThe Shelves
Please Sir, Can I Have Some MorbolThe Backyard
Tears of MercyThe Infirmary
Blacksmith’s Blues IIIThe Mess
Even Weirder ScienceMid’s Dungeon
Self-DeterminationReading Table
Blacksmith’s Blues IVThe Mess
Phoenix, Heal ThyselfThe Infirmary
Three’s CompanyThe Ale Hall
Where There’s a WillBoarding Deck
Nobody’s ToolBoarding Deck
Trial and ErrorBoarding Deck
Aiming HighThe Atrium
Litany of ErrorsThe Atrium
More than WordsReading Table
An Inconvenient TruthReading Table
PricelessReading Table
A Tail to TellReading Table
Silver LiningsThe Ale Hall


Quest NameLocation
Welcoming CommitteeLostwing
Dying on the VineLostwing
The Want Beyond the WallNorthreach
Friend of the PeopleNorthreach
Pride Comes Before a FallNorthreach
PlaythingsRoyal Meadows
All BarkRoyal Meadows
For Great JusticeLostwing
For Great Justice IILostwing
Under New ManagementNorthreach
Under New Management IINorthreach


Quest NameLocation
What a Bird WantsThree Reeds
Crystalline LifelineMartha’s Rest
False FriendsMartha’s Rest
Beast Against BeastGreenheaves
While the Cat’s AwayMartha’s Rest
The White-Winged WonderMartha’s Rest
Rekindling the FlameMartha’s Rest
Rekindling the Flame IIMartha’s Rest


Quest NameLocation
Carving Out a NicheThe Dalimil Inn
Hot WaterThe Dalimil Inn
Use Your LoadThe Dalimil Inn
Get CartLaetny’s Cleft
Onward to DiscoveryBoklad
Live and Let LiveBoklad
Bearer of Good NewsBoklad
Bad BloodThe Krozjit Echoes
Skin TradeTabor
Carved in StoneTabor
Trading PlacesBoklad
Lines in the SandThe Dalimil Inn
Duty UndyingTabor
Trading Places IIBoklad
Lines in the Sand IIThe Dalimil Inn
Duty Undying IITabor


Quest NameLocation
Laid to RestEistla

There you have it! That was every story and side quest in Final Fantasy 16. For more on Final Fantasy 16, be sure to check out our other guides:

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