Where to get Meteorite Fragments in Palword

Souhardya Choudhury
Palworld character with tower boss

The Sakurajima Palworld update brought a boatload of new content to the game, including Meteorite Fragments. These are one of the new materials in the expansion, and they’re extremely beneficial if you want to use the Meteor Launcher, but they can be hard to find.

So, here’s everything you need to know about how to get Meteorite Fragments.

How to find Meteorite Fragments

The only way to get Meteorite Fragments is by waiting for a Meteor Shower, as they only pop up in the overworld after this event. As of writing, there’s no other way of getting these items, so make sure that you are ready to grab some in the next Meteor Shower.

Meteor Showers occur randomly in Sakurajima, so there’s no specific timer for these events. However, there’s always an audio queue along with falling meteors from the sky, so head over to the relevant region whenever you spot this event.

Make sure that you bring Digtoise along with you as some mining is involved in extracting these fragments. However, you can use a pickaxe if you don’t want to bring the Pal with you.

Meteorite Fragments in Palworld
You can use your pickaxe and mine Meteorite Fragments.

How to use Meteorite Fragments

You can use them to craft the Meteor Launcher, which is a rocket launcher weapon that literally shoots meteors.

Here’s the recipe for crafting the Meteor Launcher:

  • x100 Meteorite Fragment
  • x30 Refined Ingot
  • x20 Paldium Fragment

Along with these materials, you will also need to invest 3 Ancient Technology Points to finally complete the job and get a brand new rocket launcher weapon for yourself.

The Meteor Launcher is a pretty handy weapon in Palworld despite being a Common weapon, as it has 2000 Damage and 300 Durability. However, if you are still not in Sakurajima and just starting out with the base game, make sure you know about the best passive skills and Lucky Pals in the game.