Pokemon Scarlet & Violet detail hidden in plain sight explains secret behind Ruinous Legendary shrines

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon scarlet and violet legendary treasures of ruin seals in paldea

The Treasures of Ruin are among the strongest Legendaries in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and the side-quest of getting these four involves opening their shrines. But, it looks like the colors of the seals enclosing the shrines have a shockingly ingenious reason behind them.

The Treasures of Ruin in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, or Ruinous Quartet, are four powerful Legendaries that were banished to shrines that are located all across the Paldea region, each enclosed by a chained seal to keep them inside.

Catching these Pokemon involves getting to their locations, awakening them, and battling them with your strongest team. With the four shrines having different colors, some trainers dismissed them as nothing relevant but now, it turns out that they might have a surprising meaning that was more or less obvious, leaving fans in awe.

It all started after an X user named ‘JadedArtistGal’ shared a post about the intention behind the colors of the seals enclosing the Treasures of Ruin.

They wrote: “My favorite detail about the Treasures of Ruin is how they’re sealed using type advantages” and added context for each Legendary: “Wo-Chien is sealed with purple Poison energy, Chien-Pao is sealed with orange Fighting energy, Ting-Lu is sealed with green Grass energy, Chi-Yu is sealed with blue Water energy.”

The logical reasoning struck a chord with several Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans, who were amazed at the attention to lore. A user wrote: “I love details like this. The devs have so many creative ideas, they deserve more praise and opportunity to make them perfect!” before another called it a “neat detail.”

Another commented: “I always thought it was weird that Chi-Yu was behind blue, I never thought about this possibility and I’m here for it.”

One player had an interesting take regarding one of the shrines. “I kinda thought the orange was Fire tbh because Fighting energy would honestly work on all of them, Chien-Pao is just 4x.”

As the Ruinous Legendaries were said to have been defeated by powerful trainers, a fan mentioned: “I’m thinking these might be the wielders who defeated the Ruin Mons were,” reinforcing the theory put forward by the OP.

With the Treasures of Ruin Legendaries having so much rich lore, this detail only makes it even better for Pokemon fans.

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