FFX Megalixir: How to get & usage

Udit Surve
Megalixir in Final Fantasy X.

In Final Fantasy X, items can make or break a battle which makes having the right ones on you very important. Megalixir is one such item and here’s everything you need to know about it including how to get it and its usage in FFX.

Released in 2001, Square Enix’s Final Fantasy X is the tenth sequel in the FF franchise. It went on to receive praise from multiple video game critics and is still well-known in the community even after two decades, thanks to remasters being released on newer platforms.

Like almost every game in the franchise, Final Fantasy X also reuses certain items to maintain continuity. One such item is Megalixir which can be pretty hard to get your hands on, especially if you don’t know where to look for it.

So here’s how you can get Megalixir in Final Fantasy X.

Megalixir being used in Final Fantasy X.
Megaelixir can instantly refill HP and MP of your entire party.

What is Megalixir in Final Fantasy X?

Megalixirs is a rare item in Final Fantasy X that can restore HP (Health Points) and MP (Magic Points) of your party. In some cases, it can also restore status effects and even heal characters that are currently not in battle.

Where to farm Megalixir in Final Fantasy X

Here are all the ways you can get Megalixir in FFX:

First Place in Blitzball League 1 Megalixir
Butterfly Hunt in Macalania Woods2 Megalixirs
Chocobo Race in Remiem Temple1 Megalixir
Dodge 150 Lightning Bolts in a row in Thunder Plains4 Megalixirs
Treasure chests in Bikanel Desert3 Megalixirs
Treasure chest in Cavern of the Stolen Fayth1 Megalixir
Treasure chest in Baaj Temple1 Megalixir
Treasure chest in Inside Sin1 Megalixir
Steal from Penance2 Megalixirs
Bribe Varuna 1,400,000 Gil20 Megalixirs
Bribe Xiphos 67,000 Gil1 Megalixr
One time rewards for unlocking Shinryu 30 Megalixirs

If you want to farm Megalixir in Final Fantasy X, then bribing Varuna at Omega Ruins and Xiphos at the Macalania Woods is the best way to do it.

Final Fantasy X Megalixir uses

Apart from healing, you can also use Megalixir to add Double AP onto a weapon which can help you fetch twice the amount of AP from every kill.

Riku’s Mix Overdrive also uses Megalixir in mixes such as Final Elixir (Blessed Gem and Megalixir), Super Elixir (Antidote and Megalixir), and Eccentric (Mana Tablet and Megalixir).

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