Will Final Fantasy 16 have multiplayer or co-op?

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Final Fantasy 16 Phoenix and Ifrit

Square Enix’s juggernaut, Final Fantasy 16, will soon present players with a new adventure to dissect, but some are wondering if this new chapter in the Final Fantasy series will support multiplayer or co-op gameplay.

One of the consistent aspects of the Final Fantasy series has been its single-player focus, crafting compelling stories around a cast of diverse characters. There have been exceptions, though, and the most remarkable one is without a doubt Final Fantasy XIV Online, an MMO that has seen massive commercial success and highlighted the potential of the franchise’s multiplayer dimensions.

With 2023 witnessing the launch of Final Fantasy 16, fans have been coming up with questions regarding the possibility of co-op or multiplayer in the latest installment. We’re here to settle this discussion once and for all.

Does Final Fantasy 16 have multiplayer?

The official response from Square Enix confirms that Final Fantasy 16 will not feature multiplayer. It is set to strictly be a single-player game.

The Square Enix Support Centre, under the section “Pricing, Compatibility, and Release date,” mentions explicitly that the game is designed for one player.

Final Fantasy 16 Clive
Final Fantasy 16 will not support multiplayer at launch.

At the time of its release, Final Fantasy 16 won’t include a multiplayer or co-op mode. However, it’s important to remember that this doesn’t mean multiplayer will never be a part of Final Fantasy 16. Looking back at the series’ history, Final Fantasy 15 initially came as a solo game, only to introduce a multiplayer update called “Comrades” later on.

Given the history of Final Fantasy games transforming from timed exclusives and seeing alterations to their original statuses, it’s possible that Square Enix may explore the same avenue with multiplayer for Final Fantasy 16.

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