FIFA 23 players furious as scheduled maintenance “ruins” end of season

Andrew Highton
haaland scoring goal in fifa 23

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team players have been left baffled after EA decided to drop impromptu scheduled maintenance without warning, leaving many players unable to apply the finishing touches to their progress.

Like with other online and live service games such as Apex Legends, Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, FIFA 23 is split up into different seasons with a bunch of content to grind towards in each one.

Players have a limited amount of weeks to complete the challenges for the season as well as complete the free Season Pass which contains packs, special cards, and more.

FIFA 23 Season 2 is ending rather abruptly though as EA declared a state of scheduled maintenance that locked players out, preventing them from playing Ultimate Team for a lot of its final day.

FIFA Reddit user rollybison explained how the scheduled maintenance affected them and why they were unhappy: “Yet again, EA have sabotaged the end of a season with ‘scheduled’ maintenance. I am 1 win away from my 8 for the week, and 3 games played away from 50 for the season, but EA have just sprung a scheduled maintenance that will last until the season is over. I had specifically set aside tonight to finish these challenges. So frustrating!”

As FIFA 23 players will be all too aware, each week players need to win three games to earn a Weekly Reward, and a further five games, eight in total, to claim a Reward Upgrade in Division Rivals. Not only that, but there are also separate seasonal rewards for playing so many games during the course of a season.

“It’s so ridiculous that they don’t announce these maintenances a few days prior. Hell, if it’s a scheduled maintenance, why the f**k would you only tell people a couple of hours before it? I already completed all the tasks, but still, this is ridiculous and, unfortunately, this is so EA,” said one agitated player.

Clearly, there has been a significant lack of communication between players and the devs, and with the start of FIFA 23 Season 3, this should, hopefully, be improved moving forward.

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Image Credit: EA