EA FC 24 players furious as first UT Champs delayed: “I wasted my time”

Aryan Singh
Jude Bellingham in EA FC 24

Players anxiously awaiting the start of EA FC 24 UT Champions have been left outraged after the event was delayed just two days before schedule.

EA FC 24‘s Weekend League, or UT Champions, is at the heart of the Ultimate Team experience. While the mode features several ways to compete, including Divison Rivals and Squad Battles, UT Champions is where the best rewards lie.

The Weekend League requires players to jump through a series of hoops to make it into the Finals, where the best players await.

That’s exactly what early access players were busy doing as they improved their squads and collected qualification points in preparation for Champions Finals. Unfortunately, the event, which was scheduled to begin on September 29, has now been delayed to October 6.

The news left players many players furious, with some even questioning the point of an early access period. One user commented: “What’s the point of giving people a week free early access as an incentive to spend extra money on the game just for everything to get pushed back a week?”

Another user stated: “So I paid an extra £30 for 7 days early access just for them to delay everything by 7 days so it’s totally irrelevant?” Some Ultimate Team players even asked the devs to be compensated after grinding during early access to qualify, with one fan replying: “So I wasted my time to qualify, I need compensation right now.”

While EA Sports have provided no official reasons for the delay yet, it’s possible that the decision was made in consideration for players who purchased the Standard Edition of EA FC 24. Popular content creator NepentheZ on X (formerly Twitter) stated that he made this recommendation to the devs.

As abrupt as the delay is, it isn’t entirely surprising, as Weekend Leagues in prior titles also began one week after the game’s worldwide release. Nevertheless, the decision to delay EA FC 24 UT Champions has disappointed many in the community.

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