EA FC 24 players furious after being charged $20 for loyalty reward packs

Aryan Singh
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EA FC 24 recently listed new packs in Ultimate Team for players who play the game frequently. This has left the community incensed as these ‘loyalty’ packs are monetized instead of being free like in prior games.

EA FC 24 continues to churn out new content for its popular Ultimate Team mode. This includes the ongoing Future Stars promo, new Academy Evolutions, SBCs, and more. There’s no sign of things stopping either as the promo calendar points towards even more content coming in the near future.

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With the game in the latter half of its cycle, EA have bumped up the rewards players can get from completing seasonal objectives. Recent promos have also landed with Energizer store packs that are practically free and offer plenty of value.

It’s around this time that prior games in the franchise provided players with free packs as a reward for consistently logging in. However, EA FC 24 looks to have broken the pattern as these ‘loyalty’ packs are no longer free.

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This was confirmed after EA added a ‘For You’ section in the store, which contains the aforementioned Energizer packs along with rewards that can only be earned by entering Ultimate Team for at least 30 days.

The intention behind this is to reward players for their loyalty, but instead of being free, these packs require in-game currency to be purchased. The most valuable pack of the lot even costs 250,000 coins or the equivalent of $20 in FC Points. Needless to say, players were enraged by this decision, and many took to X to vent their frustrations.

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In reaction to the news, one X user said, “I can’t even begin to describe how disgusting this is from EA, not to speak that you simply shouldn’t charge for your players’ loyalty, but also trying to get young and less media literate people into buying packs because you are presenting them as some sort of reward even though it’s just a normal store pack is despicable and borderline criminal.”

Another user stated, “I’m sorry EA but I’d rather not get anything for BUYING YOUR GAME EVERY YEAR & PLAYING IT than get loyalty packs which are supposed to be FREE.”

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Some players even stated that they were taking a leave from EA FC 24 because of this move, “EA did a lot of bad things, but this is too much. I cannot support a company that is this greedy. Calling them ‘For You’ packs as well to lure people in as well, is utterly disgusting.”

Monetization has been a major talking point in the community over the years, and EA’s latest decision to charge for loyalty packs has angered the EA FC 24 community.

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