EA FC 24 players furious with “annoying” rewards for playing 90 Division Rivals games

Franco Diaz
EA FC 24 Wanda Metropolitano Stadium

The first season of EA FC 24 Ultimate Team has come to an end, and players have been able to claim the Milestone rewards from Division Rivals Season 1. However, fans felt they were disappointed and quickly called out EA Sports.

The first EA FC 24 Ultimate Team season has ended and Division Rivals players are not happy about it. Not because of the final results they’ve achieved in Ultimate Team, but because of the Milestone rewards that EA Sports provided to those who have played all 90 matches.

In addition to the weekly rank rewards, which include coins, packs, experience, and qualification points for UT Champs, players received the Season 1 Milestone rewards based on the number of games they’ve completed during the season.

EA Sports gave out a simple Tifo as the Milestone reward for the first season, whether you played 20, 50, or 90 games. This infuriated Division Rivals players and those dedicated enough to play all 90 games of the season can’t believe they only received a Tifo they “will never use.”

In this way, players are criticizing EA Sports and asking them to fix this because the only thing they will achieve is that people will play EA FC 24 Division Rivals less and this game mode will begin to decline.

But this doesn’t end here, because the players have looked at what the Milestone rewards for Season 2 will be, and they were surprised to see that the same Tifos are present once again, “They are incentivizing playing less games.” Upon learning this, many players began considering only playing Division Rivals until they achieved the required wins to qualify for UT Champs and then dropping off.

EA Sports are yet to respond, but players are very upset with the developers. In the meantime, you can check why is Sergio Ramos not in EA FC 24, as well as which are the results of opening 100 Ultimate Team packs