EA FC 24 players demand compensation as bug makes Rivals unplayable

Franco Diaz
Selma Bacha in EA FC 24

A new bug is affecting the EA FC 24 Ultimate Team community, preventing them from completing matches in Division Rivals, and freezing the game, without even being able to play the matches.

The EA FC 24 Ultimate Team community has been expressing frustration after experiencing several failed Division Rivals matches. Players attempting to qualify for Ultimate Team Champions have reported that they cannot play due to a new bug that cancels the match and freezes the game, rendering Division Rivals unplayable.

Just as the Division Rivals match is about to begin, the game freezes, and a message pops up with the text “Your opponent has left the match.” However, some players mentioned that after encountering this error and restarting the game, EA FC 24 counted that match as a loss on their Ultimate Team record as if they had abandoned it themselves.

EA FC 24 community awaits response from EA Sports

This EA FC 24 Rivals new bug has led players to request compensation because they are unable to play and earn their rewards before Thursday’s deadline.

EA Sports are yet to address this new bug, let alone provide a solution or talk about compensation for players experiencing this issue. Some players have reported that they were able to resolve the problem simply by enabling cross-play matchmaking.

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However, not everyone had the same success, as others have commented that even with cross-platform mode enabled, the bug still appears, freezing EA FC 24.

Players will have to wait for an EA Sports hotfix with a quick solution to this issue, as every day that Division Rivals remains unplayable means fewer rewards and fewer opportunities to participate in UT Champs over the weekend.

This is all you need to know about the new bug in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. For more on EA Sports’ game, check out how many people play EA FC 24 or how to do a power shot.